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usually with infinitive
  • 1An act or an instance of refusing; the state of being refused.

    ‘he became tired of his friend's refusal to see him’
    • ‘In the past, refusal to serve in the military could carry prison sentences of up to five years.’
    • ‘One of the weaknesses of the mass storage industry is a stubborn refusal to learn from history.’
    • ‘The dispute is over the government's continued refusal to fulfill campaign promises to raise teachers' wages.’
    • ‘What was impressive about her - moving even - was her steadfast refusal to do so.’
    • ‘Lex, see what you miss with your stubborn refusal to own a T.V.?’
    • ‘We need to take seriously their steadfast refusal to admit even their most obvious mistakes.’
    • ‘I admire his steadfast refusal to be anyone other than himself.’
    • ‘The announcement follows recent refusals by two judges to take early retirement despite pressure from the government.’
    • ‘Her conversation betrays disappointment, anger, and an outright refusal to be labeled a victim.’
    • ‘One explanation can be found in an adamant refusal to relinquish ceremonial practices.’
    • ‘Today, we see the consequences of the Bush administration's refusal to learn from the past.’
    • ‘Due to professional autonomy, no one can challenge their refusal to abandon this entirely discredited methodology.’
    • ‘The strike is over management's refusal to solve a long-running land dispute.’
    • ‘The executive's refusal to accept the committee's decision has caused outrage among Labour backbenchers.’
    • ‘That's the best weapon we have against these evil people, our flat refusal to allow them to divert us more than momentarily from our daily lives.’
    • ‘Kerr's refusal to accept their recommendation was met with widespread approval by the Scottish business community.’
    • ‘The group came forward at the end of last week following news of the players' refusal to accept a 30 per cent wage deferral.’
    • ‘Most worrying is the right-leaning media's continual hedging and refusal to accept basic facts.’
    • ‘Khan said the Pakistani Government's refusal to grant his wife a visa has traumatised the entire family.’
    withholding, failure to grant, denial, veto, turndown
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/rəˈfyo͞oz(ə)l/ /rəˈfjuz(ə)l/