Definition of regardless of in English:

regardless of

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  • Without regard or consideration for.

    ‘the allowance is paid regardless of age or income’
    • ‘This is indeed a unique race, regardless of age or gender all the athletes run together.’
    • ‘Officers are now warning that offenders face prosecution if caught, regardless of their age.’
    • ‘According to the proposals, pupils would sit the exams at their own pace, regardless of their age.’
    • ‘Everybody is welcome with a smile, regardless of age, occupation or nationality.’
    • ‘Of course I abhor exploitative or coercive sex, regardless of the age of those involved.’
    • ‘In some places the inhabitants were killed to the last person regardless of age or sex.’
    • ‘Acne can affect men and women of all ages regardless of skin type or lifestyle.’
    • ‘When you are a parent you have a responsibility to your child, regardless of their age.’
    • ‘NHS services will be provided, regardless of age, on the basis of clinical need alone.’
    • ‘Anybody who exceeds speed limits now will always exceed them, regardless of a post with a number on it.’
    • ‘In my experience of hikers, they rarely stick to a footpath anyway regardless of its width.’
    • ‘Some people will smoke anyway regardless of whether they are supposed to or not.’
    • ‘You just shift the speeders to smaller roads and the nutters will always kill regardless of tickets.’
    • ‘Mr White said fines would continue to be issued regardless of a person's age.’
    • ‘Both councillors said regardless of the signs in place, people did not always follow them.’
    • ‘She said she was going to do that regardless of her party's stance on paid parental leave.’
    • ‘Eights are considered wild and may be played regardless of the card on the pile.’
    • ‘Always say what is just and fair regardless of any loss to you, friend or relative.’
    • ‘She had always been brought up to believe murder was wrong, regardless of circumstance.’
    • ‘Gen Jackson said he would carry out the changes regardless of who is in power.’
    irrespective of, without regard to, without reference to, disregarding, unmindful of, heedless of, careless about, careless of, indifferent to, unconcerned about, without consideration of, negligent of, setting aside, discounting, ignoring, notwithstanding, no matter, despite, in spite of, for all
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