Definition of regenerative braking in English:

regenerative braking


  • A method of braking in which energy is extracted from the parts braked, to be stored and reused.

    ‘The electric motor is powered by batteries that are recharged automatically by recapturing the kinetic energy usually lost during braking, known as regenerative braking.’
    • ‘Advantages include functions such as start/stop, energy recuperation by regenerative braking and electric powered driving, all with a compact design.’
    • ‘In addition, regenerative braking captures energy from the internal-combustion mode and stores it in the batteries.’
    • ‘The '04 Prius uses a new version of regenerative braking called electrically controlled braking.’
    • ‘The energy captured through regenerative braking and being able to shut off the engine at idle improves fuel economy by up to 15%.’
    • ‘Running costs are lower: the Capstone Turbine is air-cooled and uses no oil; regenerative braking eliminates the cost of brake pad replacements.’
    • ‘The vehicle is equipped with regenerative braking and comes with an electrically-powered air conditioning system.’
    • ‘Vehicle integration teams must provide seamless integration of transaxle, battery, motors, power electronics and regenerative braking in order to meet performance requirements’
    • ‘A brake control apparatus is configured to suppress fluctuations in the deceleration when transferring from cooperative braking to regenerative braking or hydraulic braking.’
    • ‘Liquid fuel burning fuel cells could even work in hybrid vehicles with batteries providing increased efficiency through regenerative braking.’
    • ‘Hybrid vehicles get part of their fuel efficiency boost from regenerative braking.’
    • ‘This powertrain gives Precept instantaneous torque, plus four-wheel regenerative braking.’
    • ‘The battery pack, power electronics, regenerative braking and motor technology are identical.’
    • ‘The diesel engine recharges the battery as does regenerative braking.’
    • ‘This process, called regenerative braking, further increases the efficiency of electric propulsion and cannot be duplicated using other technologies.’
    • ‘In return, the motor also sends power back to the batteries during regenerative braking.’
    • ‘While regenerative braking (taking the change in velocity that's created when the car slows down and turning it into electricity) is one way a hybrid charges its battery, it's not the only way.’
    • ‘As in the truck system, regenerative braking charges a separate storage battery (36V PbA in this case), and accessories are battery powered when the engine is off.’
    • ‘The main benefits of a hybrid are regenerative braking and start-stop operation.’
    • ‘The electricity comes from regenerative braking; basically, it comes from the gas-burning engine of the car itself.’