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Pronunciación /ˈrejəmənt/ /ˈrɛdʒəmənt/

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  • 1A permanent unit of an army typically commanded by a colonel and divided into several companies, squadrons, or batteries and often into two battalions.

    ‘two or three miles inland a highly experienced artillery regiment had established a defensive position’
    • ‘Commander of the regiment Lieutenant Colonel James Cowan said the deaths of the men were a painful blow but that the Black Watch would not be deterred from carrying out their fight against terrorists.’
    • ‘By this time, I had become the executive officer of the regiment, a lieutenant colonel and all that.’
    • ‘Hoon has signalled that he will not block plans to turn all 19 of the army's oldest free-standing regiments into battalions in regional super-regiments.’
    • ‘It was during the 1939-45 war, that the Royal Marines took on a commando role, linking the regiment to the Army Commandos that already existed.’
    • ‘In his last letter home, Price remembers that his regimental commander assembled the regiment on V-E Day and gave a wonderful speech.’
    • ‘Lieutenant Colonel Nick Welch, the regiment's commanding officer, is disappointed at the split but told the Journal he believed the changes would prove beneficial in the long run.’
    • ‘The six Scottish infantry regiments currently have a complement of 2,874 soldiers, which is 386 under strength.’
    • ‘Without delay he joined a Bavarian infantry regiment and served at the front as a message runner.’
    • ‘Steele also hopes to persuade young Scots now living in London to think of joining a Scottish regiment.’
    • ‘In 1915 he joined an artillery regiment, and died soon after, following a fall from a horse.’
    • ‘The unique qualities of the Scottish regiments have not been lost on the Americans.’
    • ‘Former Scottish soldiers gather in Dundee to protest against the government's plans to amalgamate Scots regiments.’
    • ‘I would agree that there is such a culture in the parachute regiment.’
    • ‘The Royal Scots, the army's oldest regiment, is on precarious ground.’
    • ‘They formed elite regiments within the British Indian army, and then the British army.’
    • ‘Collectively this team have more gongs than entire British regiments.’
    • ‘The Yorkshire Hussars were the county's oldest territorial regiment, and were ranked third in seniority in the country.’
    • ‘Instead, he returned home, but even then he decided to rejoin his regiment.’
    • ‘He said merging the regiments would bring stability to the army.’
    • ‘His Royal Warwickshire Regiment cap badge features the antelope which was the regiment's mascot.’
    unit, outfit, force
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    1. 1.1An operational unit of artillery.
      ‘Included in the tank groups of close infantry support were regiments of self-propelled artillery that were to follow the attacking tanks and support them with the fire from their cannons.’
      • ‘To accomplish this, the regiment can operate over a beach or through a port.’
      • ‘He visited the Royal College of Defence Studies in England, and in 1964 was commissioned to an artillery regiment as an officer.’
      • ‘UK photoreconnaissance missions did not locate the armored regiment for at least several weeks after Operation Vantage started.’
      • ‘The land forces are organised into British, Austrian and French divisions, all of which contain recreations of the original infantry, cavalry and artillery regiments that fought during the Napoleonic wars.’
      • ‘Several artillery regiments in Hackensack and Ridgefield Park were shelling zombie positions in Englewood and the Teaneck gold course, but the armory's fate was dismal.’
      • ‘In 1918 he was sent to north Italy in an artillery regiment and he was there at the end of the war, becoming a prisoner of the Italians in Cassino.’
      • ‘In December 1942 non-divisional regiments of anti-aircraft artillery and field artillery were converted into separate battalions.’
      • ‘Troop reinforcements from three Royal Artillery regiments were laying thousands of sandbags alongside the River Ouse between Barlby Crescent and Landing Lane in a race against time to stop the bank bursting.’
      • ‘The Third Artillery and the Montana regiment suffered moderate casualties, but they managed to take the hill.’
      • ‘Her husband is also on active military service with the 9th artillery regiment.’
      • ‘Drafted into the Polish army Majer was commended as a first class soldier in the heavy artillery regiment.’
      • ‘Several armored cavalry regiments (brigade equivalents) could be kept as independent units.’
      • ‘Thus, several motorized rifle regiments were in fact comprised of two motorized rifle battalions.’
      • ‘Australia needs new main battle tanks to ensure that the armoured regiment has the proper tools to accomplish its role.’
      • ‘Local authorities responded by mobilising paramilitary police units and deploying a tank regiment onto the streets.’
      • ‘The Catholics took over Rostrevor so, to prevent a clash, the Government sent a regiment of soldiers.’
      • ‘For example, a 1941-type rifle division included two artillery regiments.’
      • ‘Stuart Hills, a British officer with an armoured regiment, finished the war deep in Germany.’
      • ‘The British army is among those which have retained the term squadron to describe subunits of armoured regiments.’
    2. 1.2A large array or number of people or things.
      ‘a neat regiment of jars and bottles’
      • ‘Yes, it was easy and unisex, but it was also wet, greasy, required a regiment of malodorous chemicals for upkeep and extensive processing, and looked just plain weird on most.’
      • ‘On the rim of one stands a regiment of demons, shoulder to shoulder, constantly using their pitchforks to smack down the sinners who are trying to escape.’
      • ‘Over the years our Dales Folk articles have highlighted a veritable regiment of people who, for one reason or another, have played an important part in Craven society.’
      • ‘A contest, moreover, that only attracts Sky and the other broadcasters because two giants amid a regiment of midgets attract a huge support at home and abroad.’
      • ‘It took a few moments for me to remember I was in New Zealand and that the dreary sourcebook of my drug-crazed hippie nights had been filmed there and won a regiment of Oscars.’
      • ‘This Santa is as fat and jolly as he needs to be, and really is a good guy, but he also has a regiment of armed-to-the-teeth elves to defend his high-tech Polar home.’
      • ‘Bursting with pride, he showed us a regiment of small pots in the greenhouse - he had decided to become pro-active with tomatoes.’
      • ‘A couple of months ago he had an office the size of a tennis court, with huge windows, where he was attended by a small regiment of special advisers, secretaries and press officers.’
      • ‘The Pysch-war boys may say it would most likely reduce their morale but I didn't agree, we could just be making an entire regiment of martyrs.’
      • ‘She's amused by all the intimations that her new husband has partied down with what may be a regiment of loose women.’
      • ‘A grey drizzle filled the valley, obliterated the mountains and separated the receding regiment of trees into saw-edged platoons.’
      • ‘A regiment of armed Reaper guards in full hooded cybernetic armor stand and await the emergence of the prisoners.’
      • ‘They are a perfect 17-0, which is more than can be said for the opinion polls or the collected wisdom of the capital's regiment of pundits.’
      • ‘The surprise is that it took me until this morning to realise that my overall lethargy and turgid headache were probably more to do with caffeine withdrawal than the regiments of lymphocytes still engaged on mopping up operations inside.’
  • 2arcaico Rule or government over a person, people, or country.

    ‘the powers of ecclesiastical regiment which none but the Church should wield’
    • ‘Hooker maintains that episcopacy is the norm for ecclesiastical regiment and all must be prepared to accept it and remain obedient to episcopal authority.’
    • ‘"Never underestimate that monstrous regiment of women ", I said.’
    • ‘Protestant reformer John Knox may be spinning in his grave, having famously hit out at ‘the monstrous regiment of women’.’
    • ‘It was from this cathedral that John Knox thundered against the ‘monstrous regiment of women’ in the shape of the beauteous Mary Queen of Scots.’
    • ‘‘Never underestimate that monstrous regiment of women’, I said.’
    control, jurisdiction, command, power, sway, dominion, government, administration, sovereignty, leadership, ascendancy, supremacy, authority, direction, mastery, hegemony, regime, influence
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verbo transitivo

[con objeto]usually be regimented
  • 1Organize according to a strict, sometimes oppressive system or pattern.

    ‘every aspect of their life is strictly regimented’
    • ‘He organized a strictly regimented social order, with engineers and designers at the top and workers at the bottom.’
    • ‘Most of the system is regimented, from repetitive drills on communication skills to tutorials on software development.’
    • ‘In Richmond, Virginia's Chimborazo Hospital, male administrators used the clock to regiment sleep patterns and meal times.’
    • ‘The day is strictly regimented, beginning at 4.30 am and ending around 9pm after the last choral prayer service.’
    • ‘Priests and monks had to follow a strictly regimented set of activities every day.’
    • ‘The solution is to avoid regimenting the educational and vocational training system.’
    • ‘I was an artist, but I hated taking art class, it was too regimented and too regulated, I thought art should be more free and unrestrained, so I never took an art class.’
    • ‘Our current regimented method of marching kids through a series of fixed time length classes strikes me as a hold-over from the factory era.’
    • ‘They must be regulated, regimented and controlled - for their own good.’
    • ‘There is a very strictly regimented regime within the social hierarchy of those cows.’
    • ‘Priests and monks had to follow a strictly regimented set of activities every day.’
    • ‘Surely gardening is not about military precision and strictly regimented spaces?’
    • ‘The practice among surgical staff members of scrubbing the hands before surgery has been highly regimented and ritualized.’
    • ‘Organized sports are more common now, but play has become more regimented and restricted.’
    • ‘On the other hand, procedures that are too regimented can hold back the development of a new venture.’
    • ‘He dealt with it in the way coaches deal with everything, in a very regimented way.’
    • ‘Cadet time is carefully regimented, but 200 of the 1,000 cadets remained one hour beyond the scheduled lecture to hear the old warrior's remarks.’
    • ‘One of its primary functions is to regiment men by force, to make them as much alike as possible and as dependent upon one another as possible, to search out and combat originality among them.’
    • ‘Given that you're in a prisoner of war camp, life is regimented, to say the least.’
    • ‘For example, the General Fitness program is an intense, regimented boot camp program.’
  • 2marginal Form (troops) into a regiment or regiments.


Late Middle English (in the sense ‘rule or government’): via Old French from late Latin regimentum ‘rule’, from regere ‘to rule’.