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  • Relating to a regiment.

    ‘a regimental band’
    • ‘regimental colors’
    • ‘The pre-war Indian Army was structured along British Army lines and had similar regimental traditions.’
    • ‘His staff officers were white except for a black warrant officer, the assistant regimental adjutant.’
    • ‘I attended a very productive meeting for regimental and motorized rifle battalion scouts.’
    • ‘He became its regimental colonel, and even as a general often wore its uniform, with its death's-head badge on the busby.’
    • ‘A regimental cavalry troop has two tank platoons, two scout platoons, and a heavy mortar section.’
    • ‘With the frontline safe, regimental staff officers come up on visits and the truce continues through Boxing Day.’
    • ‘Three division commanders and many regimental and battalion commanders were relieved in less than a month.’
    • ‘The HHC provides administrative and logistics support to the regimental headquarters.’
    • ‘One of the other traditions of the British Army that helped with recruiting was the regimental system.’
    • ‘He joined the army in 1942 and became regimental medical officer.’
    • ‘The British used senior regimental commanders to command their brigades as a temporary duty.’
    • ‘He had several postings to the War Office and in 1958 he returned to regimental duty as second-in-command.’
    • ‘Go to the regimental headquarters, take a bath, get a clean uniform and report to the adjutant.’
    • ‘This variant is reported to be used by regimental and division staffs.’
    • ‘By the Battle of Shiloh, Grant had moved from regimental command to command of an army.’
    • ‘The Queen paused at the Black Watch regimental plot and spoke to Brigadier Donald Wilson and regimental secretary Joe Hubble.’
    • ‘He served as regimental medical officer in North Africa and Italy, and was mentioned in dispatches in 1945.’
    • ‘Soldiers and their families could count on returning to the regimental home base over a career.’
    • ‘After landing in Normandy he served as a regimental medical officer until the armistice.’
    • ‘In another sector, men of the Royal Dublin Fusiliers were busy fraternising with the enemy and exchanging presents and regimental badges.’



/ˌrejəˈmen(t)l/ /ˌrɛdʒəˈmɛn(t)l/