Definition of regimented in English:



  • Very strictly organized or controlled.

    ‘the regimented life of a long-term prisoner’
    • ‘The public had previously called upon the artistic community within the establishment to throw off the shackles of regimented style favoured by the state.’
    • ‘The clinical trial process follows a very regimented format.’
    • ‘I had been set loose, free from the regimented lifestyle of a footballer.’
    • ‘The terraced garden is not just a series of regimented stepped rows running up the hill.’
    • ‘Today, where society is far less regimented we expect less formality.’
    • ‘They have been forced to live regimented lives to minimise the risk of further abuse.’
    • ‘He dealt with it in the way coaches deal with everything, in a very regimented way.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, on this scale, the shapes are too simplistic, the edges too regimented.’
    • ‘There is a very strictly regimented regime within the social hierarchy of those cows.’
    • ‘Away from the regimented world of lap times, she has got back that winning habit.’
    • ‘The England camp is also a very disciplined and regimented place.’
    • ‘Willows, elders and alders can be planted around the edges to soften the effect of the regimented poplars.’
    • ‘Factories had foremen and life became correspondingly more regimented.’
    • ‘The workshop will not be strictly regimented.’
    • ‘If this all sounds a bit regimented, no kidding.’
    • ‘"We stay to a pretty regimented price," he says.’
    • ‘It all seems so regimented now, with the need to plan ahead.’
    • ‘Burlington, who took over the design from Wren, has almost denuded the building of ornament and left a regimented series of solids and voids.’
    • ‘It is a quiet life, and a regimented one.’
    • ‘Nothing looks regimented or overly neat.’