Definition of regional metamorphism in English:

regional metamorphism


  • Metamorphism affecting rocks over an extensive area as a result of the large-scale action of heat and pressure.

    ‘Orogenic or anorogenic, there was much deformation and regional metamorphism both before and during the intrusion of plutons between 1.36 and 1.47 billion years ago.’
    • ‘Field relations indicate that intrusion post-dated the peak of regional metamorphism and the main foliation-forming event.’
    • ‘One occurrence seems unrelated to igneous activity and may be the result of regional metamorphism of dolomite- and anhydrite-rich evaporites.’
    • ‘The succession has experienced both a low temperature, but relatively high-pressure, regional metamorphism (up to garnet zone) and a phase of earlier hydrothermal metamorphism.’
    • ‘Two phases of regional metamorphism are related to their respective episodes of penetrative deformation in the southern Central Iberian Zone.’


regional metamorphism

/ˈrējənl/ /ˈridʒənl/ /ˈrējnəl ˌmedəˈmôrˌfizəm/ /ˈridʒnəl ˌmɛdəˈmɔrˌfɪzəm/