Definition of regisseur in English:



  • A person who stages a theatrical production, especially a ballet.

    ‘Dancers and choreographers, ballet masters and regisseurs do not take kindly to non-dancers controlling their destinies or making decisions for them.’
    • ‘In 1900 he moved to Moscow where he became premier danseur and regisseur of the Bolshoi Ballet; in 1902 he was appointed director, a position he held until his death.’
    • ‘She is the regisseur for ballets by Smuin and Val Caniparoli (she has set his popular Lambarena on companies from South Africa to South Florida).’
    • ‘Stretton was appointed regisseur at American Ballet Theatre in 1993 and moved up to assistant director in 1994.’
    • ‘Irina Jacobson, widow of the choreographer and a respected international ballet teacher and regisseur, has also been an important part of these revivals.’
    supervisor, controller, regisseur, producer, auteur, choreographer



/ˌrājiˈsər/ /ˌreɪdʒɪˈsər/


From French régisseur.