Definition of regnal year in English:

regnal year


  • A year reckoned from the date or anniversary of a sovereign's accession.

    ‘a commemorative 25 dinar piece was issued to mark the King's 25th regnal year’
    • ‘During Roman times dates were determined either as years after the foundation of Rome, or as regnal years based on the anniversary of the Emperor's accession.’
    • ‘It is uncertain why the author decides to provide birth and death years for kings, instead of the commonly-used regnal years.’
    • ‘One of the most common is with reference to the reign of a king, queen, or other official so that dates are given as the regnal year of that person.’
    • ‘According to tradition, the image was built during the 51st regnal year of Candrasurya, who ascended the throne of Arakan in 146 BCE.’
    • ‘They are from the first regnal year of the Babylonian king Nabonassar.’
    • ‘When Snofru moved his court to Dahshur in his 15th regnal year, work began on a new pyramid at the site.’


regnal year

/ˈreɡnəl ˌyir/ /ˈrɛɡnəl ˌjɪr/