Definition of regrade in English:


transitive verb

[with object]
  • Grade again or differently.

    ‘the solution is to regrade the exams of young people who worked to the parameters set in January’
    • ‘Transfer and regrading applications are certain to command a significant deal of time, and it remains to be seen if any of the mounting speculation concerning some high profile transfers has had any real substance.’
    • ‘We are no longer required as we are too expensive - even though we have had no pay regrading for over a decade.’
    • ‘The maximum number of players regraded in the following year will be three, with teams not regraded short of at least two years in a grade.’
    • ‘A €2 million injection for regrading helped pave the way for a possible end today to the eight-day old dispute involving 800 staff at accident and emergency units in about 30 of the country's hospitals.’
    • ‘Full-time librarians had to reapply for their own jobs and were regraded as ‘service development’ and ‘inquiry’ officers.’
    • ‘Kiltegan were successful with a motion to have the number of football players which can be regraded in any one year increased from 3 to 5.’
    • ‘The following players were regraded to junior status at last week's meeting of the South Mayo GAA Board.’
    • ‘Following the 2004 competition, a number of estates were regraded.’
    • ‘The Lily Whites were regraded from a higher division this year and have plenty of experience of the top grade in football.’
    • ‘So the results were clumsily regraded to make them less spectacular.’
    • ‘The council wants the land to be regraded as a green belt site, effectively protecting it from development.’
    • ‘The country's largest exam board Edexcel, whose 16,000 examiners this year dealt with five million papers, was not required to regrade any papers following the Tomlinson inquiry.’
    • ‘Perhaps the solution is to regrade them to a cup competition in line with their league standing.’
    • ‘If a pension is linked to a job's salary, there can be disputes if the post has been regraded since the civil servant's retirement, according to Kenny.’
    • ‘Despite ever increasing responsibilities, they had not been regraded for 16 years.’
    • ‘These shipments were simply regraded and accepted as a less expensive category.’
    • ‘In our clinic, consultants regrade the referral letters on receipt using the British Association of Surgical Oncologists guidelines.’
    • ‘We tried our hand in the A grade the following year but because of the small numbers - we have only 200 people in the school - had to regrade back.’
    • ‘After months of unsuccessfully trying to find a replacement sponsor the club finally had to take the decision to regrade to the first division.’
    • ‘A few years back our union members applied to have airport security officer jobs regraded - in some cases we were stunned to find we had to battle the boss to get new improved standards.’



/rēˈɡrād/ /riˈɡreɪd/