Definition of regrater in English:


Pronunciation /rɪˈɡreɪtə/


(also regerater)
  • 1 rare, historical A person who buys commodities (especially food) in order to sell them on at a profit; a retailer.

  • 2British rare, historical, dialect A person who collects commodities from the producers and brings them to market; an intermediary.


Late Middle English; earliest use found in William Langland (c1325–c1390), poet. Partly from Anglo-Norman regrater male retailer (1219 or earlier, frequent as occupational surname: see below; compare Anglo-Norman and Middle French regratier; probably from regrater (although this is first attested later) + -er), and partly from Anglo-Norman regratere (feminine noun) female retailer (1301 or earlier: see below; compare Middle French (rare) regratiere), feminine form corresponding to regrater.