Definition of regressively in English:



See regressive

‘His original proposition - cut taxes regressively, double military spending, shrink government and balance the federal budget - looked cockeyed from the start.’
  • ‘We had a referendum on this issue four years ago and I don't think the Australian people want to regressively revisit it in the near future.’
  • ‘The majority also want a fair tax system that progressively taxes income, not regressively taxes consumption.’
  • ‘You start to really lose perspective on the movie when the critical response is as weirdly, regressively unanimous as it is.’
  • ‘In cosmological analysis, because the laws of physics break down as one regressively approaches the time of the big bang, there is no satisfactory explanation for the cause the big bang itself.’



/rəˈɡresivlē/ /rəˈɡrɛsɪvli/