Definition of regrow in English:


verbpast tense regrew, past participle regrown

  • Grow or cause to grow again.

    ‘This perennial, bush-like plant regrows its slender leaves each time it's picked and is the strongest-tasting rocket of all.’
    • ‘Patients are given exercises to re-establish a range of facial expressions as the nerve very slowly regrows or heals.’
    • ‘The dying bulb foliage will be covered later in the season when the shrub regrows.’
    • ‘In some areas, heather destroyed in blazes over 30 years ago has not regrown.’
    • ‘The drug, which has been developed in conjunction with scientists at Trinity College, Dublin, aims to stop cancer cells from regrowing after they have been attacked during treatment.’
    • ‘But parallel developments in the cultivation of ‘stem cells’ - seed cells, which can be grown into a precise match for any tissue in any person - might make it possible to regrow dead retina.’
    • ‘Projects to regrow marginal strips of greenery on arable farmland, such as one at Manor Farm in the Yorkshire Wolds, have also had a positive effect on the bee population, he said.’
    • ‘Diseased poplars make an effort to regrow, but continue to drop leaves.’
    • ‘These colonies could hardly be regrown on solid media, and they did not grow at all in liquid media.’
    • ‘And no matter how aggressively one attempts to scrape it away, the same microscopic jungle regrows time and again.’
    • ‘She will remain in care until all her claws have regrown.’
    • ‘The wet summers have meant grass has regrown very quickly and thick, and it is a big task for them to keep up this role.’
    • ‘Imagine if the skin could be regrown from a cell sample and then grafted on.’
    • ‘According to one of his aides, the ambassador had to shave his beard when he made a business trip to Tokyo, but he started regrowing the beard upon his return to Jakarta.’
    • ‘I am tired of telling them that nobody asks to become bald, nor do I want to spend thousands of dollars regrowing my hair.’
    • ‘I may become bald, through no choice of my own and with no possibility of regrowing my hair.’
    • ‘The practice of taking up chicory plants in the autumn, cutting off their leaves, and replanting the roots in a dark cellar so that they regrow small, white leaves originated in France.’
    • ‘During the procedure, the laser pulses for less than a second - long enough to heat up the hair and impede the follicle's ability to regrow.’
    • ‘These evergreen giant herbs spring from rhizomes, flower, fruit and die and then regrow from a sucker.’
    • ‘Nerve cells in the brain, unlike other cells of the body, cannot regrow.’



/rēˈɡrō/ /riˈɡroʊ/