Definition of rehash in English:


Pronunciation /rēˈhaSH/ /riˈhæʃ/ /ˈrēˌhaSH/ /ˈriˌhæʃ/

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transitive verb

[with object]
  • 1Put (old ideas or material) into a new form without significant change or improvement.

    ‘he contented himself with occasional articles in journals, rehashing his own work’
    • ‘There are hundreds of writers better than the drones you currently employ with far better ideas than simply rehashing old films or books that did things far better the first time round.’
    • ‘Another point is awarded for each song that is interpreted uniquely (songs cannot simply be rehashed versions of the original).’
    • ‘Many of his original songs were being rehashed for recent films.’
    • ‘Many feel the same old idea's are being rehashed and recycled because the respective companies have lost they're inventive imagination when creating new episodes in gaming series.’
    • ‘Surely they deserved fresh material, not rehashed classic pop songs.’
    • ‘Q. So you were simply rehashing material that had already been out in the public?’
    • ‘Now-infamous stories of student visa hold-ups and hassles have been rehashed in countless newspapers across the globe.’
    • ‘The result is an album that doesn't simply rehash all of this Afro-Brazilian hype, but actually builds on the band's regional interpretation of an immediately international sound.’
    • ‘But things had changed too much for the political right simply to rehash its traditional family values.’
    • ‘It just seems to be rehashed theatre, bad theatre.’
    • ‘While many are simply rehashed versions of last year's games the latest in the series is a serious attempt at overhauling the format.’
    • ‘Various themes and character's are rehashed in slightly different tones.’
    • ‘I'm putting a new spin on it, not rehashing something we all know.’
    • ‘Like other popular anime series of the past, it has been rehashed again and again for children in Japan, although the characters and situations are changed and updated.’
    • ‘Plus, you get many of the gags that would eventually be tiredly rehashed in sequel after sequel but are fresh and original here.’
    • ‘It's all been tried before, and it's a plot that has been rehashed more times than any of us can count.’
    • ‘It's just going to be rehashing the same performances from last night with some added live segments.’
    • ‘Although most of them rehash the subject in a different format or sensationalize the horrifying potential of these weapons, this work is fundamentally different.’
    • ‘Gamers are far more willing to accept a premise being used again and again than to have the same rehashed story appear repeatedly.’
    reword, rephrase, express in other words, put in other words, express in one's own words, put in one's own words, express differently, rewrite, rescript, restate, rehash, interpret, gloss
    1. 1.1North American Consider or discuss (something) at length after it has happened.
      ‘is it really necessary to rehash that trauma all over again?’
      • ‘Some of his books rehashed Marxist debates at length, but never his campus lectures.’
      • ‘Writing the novel of his life also has Steve rehashing his encounters with love.’
      • ‘In his statement of clemency, he said no need to rehash the findings of the courts over 24 years of litigation that jury decisions that he is guilty of these four murders, should pay for his life.’
      • ‘Reams of news and commentary rehash the discussions that have become so painfully familiar in recent games.’
      • ‘But we do not feel we can waste any time or energy rehashing grievances about the process.’
      • ‘‘People want to get to a solution and get over it without rehashing their problems over and over again, the way a therapist might,’ he argues.’
      • ‘Um, I'm not rehashing my childhood or anything.’
      • ‘But most of the morning was spent rehashing the previous day's events.’
      • ‘The Sheriff went over their stories, rehashing them, picking out points for clarification for about another hour.’
      • ‘Well, instead of rehashing a whole lot of bad memories, let's cut to the chase here.’
      • ‘The whole car ride home the girls rehashed the night over and over again, but I sat in the passenger seat and stared at the city lights flashing past my window.’
      • ‘Janelle laughed as Shane and Tristan rehashed old tour memories, hoping she at least looked like she was paying attention.’
      • ‘‘Thanks, Dad,’ I said softly, and to my surprise, he smiled back before turning to Greg and beginning to rehash today's game.’
      • ‘I would rehash the situation over and over again to see if I had forgotten any minor detail - a gesture, a word, or even a facial expression - that missed my rigorous analysis.’
      • ‘The fallacies of this critique have been elaborated around the Internet, but let's rehash a little.’
      • ‘Today's commentary will rehash some old ‘stuff’, while also hopefully shedding some new insight.’
      • ‘They still love to rehash all of the embarrassing moments on various trips that the group has taken throughout the years.’
      • ‘‘I don't want to rehash the past, Dane,’ Sienna finally said softly, looking at the blaze in the fireplace instead of at him.’
      • ‘So, I slid next to him and we rehashed the exciting unbelievable quality of the game.’
      • ‘There's no point in rehashing the same old issues again and again.’
      adapt, turn, rework, recast, reshape, refashion, remodel, remould


  • A reuse of old ideas or material without significant change or improvement.

    ‘the spring show was a rehash of the summer show from the previous year’
    • ‘I like to think I'm open to new ideas, but this idea is really just a rehash of existing ideas and generally doesn't seem like it will work.’
    • ‘Some would argue it's incredibly unoriginal, and just a rehash of old ideas, but I disagree.’
    • ‘But mainly, it's rehashes of music I can remember and sketches for new ideas.’
    • ‘There's some light interview/setup material, but it's mostly a rehash of the clips included elsewhere on the discs.’
    • ‘Many writing submissions are rehashes of old stories.’
    • ‘His jokes are rehashes from previous cities, but no one seems to mind.’
    • ‘For far too long, the approach to solving the problems of moving goods and people between our two islands has been a rehash of what's been done for the last 50 years.’
    • ‘Clearly, it wasn't a terribly newsworthy speech, a rehash of his old themes.’
    • ‘The synopsis is, unsurprisingly, a rehash of the commercially successful film franchise.’
    • ‘Even if the music world doesn't realize it, people are a little desperate to hear something that isn't just a rehash.’
    • ‘The report is actually a rehash of several reviews that have taken place within the Fire Service over a number of years.’
    • ‘For the first time after countless rehashes, the franchise is finally taking a major new direction in adopting Unreal technology to power the game.’
    • ‘If there's anything less tedious than the constant releases of operating systems, it's the constant rehashes of old argument between the system creators.’
    • ‘But half of what one saw was old work by established artists or colorless rehashes of 1980s images.’
    • ‘The title's just an excuse to make a bad movie that pretends to be a spoof when it's just a rehash of the most formulaic rubbish imaginable.’
    • ‘Every thing I write will just be a rehash of all the other glowing reviews circling the ‘net.’
    • ‘Jim challenged me to take the first step, to propose a new economics of sustainability - specifically, to outline a theory that wasn't just a rehash of the old economics.’
    rewording, rephrasing, rewriting, rewrite, restatement, restating, rehash, rendition, rendering, version, interpretation, gloss