Definition of reiterative in English:



See reiterate

‘We argue this examination needs to take into account the status of Maori under the Treaty, and to recognise the reiterative and regulatory role of media discourses.’
  • ‘But her assuming of this identity, here, is intended as an interruption in that reiterative homophobia that promotes and produces certain socially acceptable versions of self, whilst condemning others.’
  • ‘Rehabilitation is a reiterative, active, educational, problem solving process focused on a patient's behaviour, with the following components.’
  • ‘Indicating a constant testing of the consciousness of survival, this reiterative process of deferral is what paradoxically shapes and undermines the narrative.’
  • ‘But at times I found the exposition a bit overextended and reiterative and the family clashes underdramatized.’



/rēˈid(ə)rədiv/ /riˈɪd(ə)rədɪv/