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  • 1The dismissing or refusing of a proposal, idea, etc.

    ‘the Union decided last night to recommend rejection of the offer’
    • ‘We fully support residents action against the plans, which we understand are recommended for rejection by the CMBC Officers.’
    • ‘Inevitably, subjective evaluation became the ultimate criterion for inclusion or rejection of specific events.’
    • ‘The lack of an explanation may in itself be sufficient basis for rejection of the transaction.’
    • ‘In fact, in the election Merkel suffered a decisive rejection.’
    • ‘Chairwoman of the Geraldton Health Service, Berit Young, was scathing in her rejection of the federation's claims.’
    • ‘Here is a second example where the stringency of ethics can lead to its rejection.’
    • ‘On the contrary, in the year following the base year, the number of rejections was reduced.’
    • ‘The "rational basis" for their rejection must have been misplaced somewhere.’
    • ‘There is also fresh evidence of the widespread rejection of GM foods by consumers.’
    • ‘He also stands by his rejection of an afterlife.’
    • ‘We begin with a late night rejection of the auto bailout on Capitol Hill.’
    • ‘The end of the 1960s saw a rejection of technocracy, for many valid reasons.’
    • ‘Almost half the time, rejection or delay of loans is due to insufficient documentation.’
    • ‘Strangely, my rejection of the French culture, manifested itself, only briefly, in a rejection of the national cuisine.’
    • ‘Yet the rejection of his predecessor's religious conservative approach to the stem cell issue was total.’
    • ‘Consequently, the logical and rational response to a new paradigm by most people is rejection.’
    • ‘While in prison he received a rejection of his memoir.’
    • ‘By the same token, neglecting to share a feast indicated an absence of ties, and exclusion from the feasting community meant rejection.’
    • ‘Sava Sekulic had a hard and harrowing life and faced continual rejection in his struggle as an artist.’
    • ‘In view of such a unilateral rejection, it is amazing that anyone should continue to cling to the false notion of universal acceptance.’
    refusal, non-acceptance, declining, turning down, no, dismissal, spurning, rebuff
    repudiation, rebuff, spurning, abandonment, forsaking, desertion, shutting out, exclusion, shunning, cold-shouldering, ostracizing, ostracism, blackballing, blacklisting, avoidance, ignoring, snubbing, snub, cutting dead
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    1. 1.1The spurning of a person's affections.
      ‘some people are reluctant to try it, because they fear rejection’
      • ‘The root problem is rebellion - some form of disobedience to God - some form of rejection of God's authority.’
      • ‘The writer of the poems marks parental rejection with astounding empathy.’
      • ‘Negative communication styles by parents, parental rejection, or low parental support were also related to adolescent girls' aggression.’
      • ‘Initially crushed by the rejection, Regine later married the successful philosopher Fritz Schlegel.’
      • ‘The next day, instead of ringing her and facing possible rejection and humiliation, he texts her.’
      • ‘He sighed, feeling sympathy for a man who had been totally in love and now was suffering the misery of total rejection.’
      • ‘In many ways, St Valentine's Day is an easy out, a way to express emotions without feeling vulnerable, or really any risk of rejection.’
      • ‘He lay in bed, clutching himself, trying to dull the ache of rejection.’
      • ‘Explaining Elizabeth's rejection of him, he invoked the standards of newly popular sentimental literature saying.’
      • ‘I think this is the part of pain that is really very similar to the way we feel following rejection.’
      • ‘But unlike face-to-face hemming and hawing, the Facebook rejection is polite but direct.’
      • ‘She is trying to manage her ageing mother and he's trying to cope with losing his job and rejection by his daughter.’
      • ‘Should I swallow my pride and ask him out, at the risk of rejection, heartbreak, or alienation?’
      • ‘John suffers continual rejection by his mother, who perceives and treats him markedly differently to his brother.’
      • ‘Aware that his anger over the manner of her rejection was all the more justified, having absorbed the contents of his letter, she was amazed at what had then transpired.’
      • ‘There will be no more hatred, no more suffering; no more failure, defeat, rejection - only vindication.’



/rəˈjekSHən/ /rəˈdʒɛkʃən/