Definition of reliability in English:


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  • 1The quality of being trustworthy or of performing consistently well.

    ‘the car's background gives me every confidence in its reliability’
    • ‘The audience is left to question history, in particular the reliability of primary sources.’
    • ‘A fundamental aspect to building relationships is providing reliability.’
    • ‘Moving parts are not exposed to colder temperatures, assuring the machine's reliability.’
    • ‘Like many a noir narrator, his reliability is constantly questioned by the film.’
    • ‘They're forced to prove their competence as detectives and their reliability and dedication to each other.’
    • ‘The new product incorporates an array of high-tech materials and engineering innovations aimed to increase precision, reliability and ease of use.’
    • ‘The choice of these products was based on safety, design, technology and reliability.’
    • ‘The wind turbines are built by a Danish company with a reputation for quality and reliability.’
    • ‘The president would not have picked him as Secretary of State if there were any doubt about his reliability or loyalty.’
    • ‘The equipment should be exploited to reduce maintenance time and improve the overall reliability of the helicopter fleet.’
    1. 1.1The degree to which the result of a measurement, calculation, or specification can be depended on to be accurate.
      ‘these data throw doubt on the reliability of national statistics’
      • ‘A pilot test was also conducted to establish the reliability of the instrument.’
      • ‘The software was used to compute Cronbach's alpha coefficient to determine the survey instruments' reliability.’
      • ‘To ensure inter-rater reliability, evaluators must agree on a student's overall writing strength assessment.’
      • ‘To ascertain the reliability of the questionnaire, a pilot test was administered to 25 college of agriculture students not targeted in the study.’
      • ‘These predictions have various levels of confidence or reliability.’
      • ‘It has the clockwork reliability of a fine timepiece.’
      • ‘Reliability is the degree to which a test or an instrument consistently measures whatever it measures.’
      • ‘The use of multiple readers and multiple tasks increases test score reliability.’
      • ‘Accurate scoring and reporting of student writing samples is necessary to ensure the validity and reliability of the test.’
      • ‘These issues created doubts about the reliability of the data.’



/rəˌlīəˈbilədē/ /rəˌlaɪəˈbɪlədi/