Definition of relief map in English:

relief map

Pronunciation /rəˈlif ˌmæp/

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  • 1A map indicating hills and valleys by shading rather than by contour lines alone.

    ‘The first map is a relief map of the immediate surroundings of Garibaldi Lake.’
    • ‘And besides, I didn't need to finish in the 99th percentile or anything; all I had to do was pass the course and then, hopefully, never cast my eyes upon a relief map again.’
    • ‘At the northern end of the Tjörn is the impressive Radhus (the Town Hall), worth a visit for its huge relief map of the country and the glass-walled café perched over the lake.’
    • ‘Now fully warmed, Alex's impossibly large arms resemble a relief map of his native country, with jagged veins resembling the Ural mountain range, dividing east from west.’
    • ‘But I thought that the constant shifting of the dunes made it impossible to make a relief map of the area.’
    • ‘On his office wall hangs a relief map of Costa Rica.’
    • ‘Clear and interesting details are given about parks and facilities, and short drives and their attractions, with a colourful relief map of the area.’
    • ‘Just beside the sign is a large relief map of Australia.’
    • ‘Mac gazed at the relief map, scanning the recorded edges where their flight plan would begin.’
    • ‘At the far end of the museum is a large plaster topographic relief map of Nevada that was created in 1913 for display at the 1915 Pan-Pacific Exposition in San Francisco, and a Diebold safe that was used by John Mackay in Virginia City.’
    • ‘Hunt took old relief maps of the Grand Canyon from several books, enlarged them on canvas and then painted over them in oils, highlighting emerging patterns in the rippling elevation markings.’
    • ‘Nothing gives you a faster picture of topography than relief maps.’
    1. 1.1A map model with elevations and depressions representing hills and valleys, typically on an exaggerated relative scale.
      ‘For one history assignment, David had to make a relief map of Israel out of pizza dough.’
      • ‘One of the earliest and largest temples of Bharat Mata was established in 1936 in the town of Varanasi, where a large relief map of Akhanda Bharat or South Asia lies enshrined.’