Definición de relievo en Inglés


(also rilievo)

Pronunciación /rēˈlēvō/ /riˈlivoʊ/


another term for relief (sense 4)
‘It is one of the most instructive examples of the intersection of Quattrocentro stylistic objectives (ornato, rilievo, realism), and adaptations from the antique, in particular Roman relief sculpture of the 2nd and 3d centuries C.E.’
  • ‘The relation between rilievo and linear perspective is particularly relevant here, because it directly impinges on Wohl's thesis that Renaissance artists and writers saw paintings above all in terms of decorated surfaces.’
  • ‘Also included are such possible sources as Byzantine ivories, reliefs on Roman clay lamps and, most intriguingly of all, an example of the Roman Arretine ware that Vasari claimed as a source for rilievo schiacciato.’


Italian rilievo.