Definition of religiosity in English:



mass noun
  • Strong religious feeling or belief.

    ‘a resurgence of religiosity among younger voters’
    • ‘He loves the religion in old paintings; religiosity of some kind is fundamental to his concept of art.’
    • ‘He's not frightened of mixing bluegrass religiosity, slacker nonchalance or even English folk rock into his music.’
    • ‘The degree of religiosity displayed by the characters is - I believe - typical of the majority of Americans.’
    • ‘Religiosity has increased during the years of the Intifada (or "uprising"), beginning in 1987.’
    • ‘Those Cubans who chose to maintain a faith practice were left to produce a religiosity of their own design.’
    • ‘These passages, consistent with the author's religiosity, stem from his belief in "absolutes."’
    • ‘The Church attack on modernity and progress did not dissuade industrialists pushing conventional religiosity on the working class.’
    • ‘Superstition more than prayer and piety characterized popular religiosity there.’
    • ‘It is often supposed that Americans' retributive streak is linked to their greater religiosity.’
    • ‘Most clearly, the director works the territory of religiosity, failed and re-found.’