Definition of relive in English:


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transitive verb

[with object]
  • Live through (an experience or feeling, especially an unpleasant one) again in one's imagination or memory.

    ‘he broke down sobbing as he relived the attack’
    • ‘However, unless you were part of the experience and want to relive the fun, you should probably pass on this one.’
    • ‘Just reliving the feeling of his arm around me after all of these years was still sending electric shocks all over my body.’
    • ‘He stared at me with his small, observant eyes and it seemed to me as if he was reliving some experience of his with his mother.’
    • ‘Each night I fell asleep with a giant smile on my face as I relived that day's experience.’
    • ‘The shock of seeing the animal caused Phil to relive one of the worst experiences in his life.’
    • ‘Each woman relived the horror of her experiences, each account evoked questions: is war necessary?’
    • ‘Please join us in Anaheim and relive the excitement of that day or experience it for the first time.’
    • ‘But still I'm enjoying myself: there's pleasure in reliving old sorrows at a safe distance.’
    • ‘The absolute terror in her eyes told him that she was reliving another fear and he was almost positive it was the one from last night.’
    • ‘On the train up to Paddington, I felt quite excited - as if reliving the thrill of a school trip to the capital.’
    • ‘With a treasure hunt planned, it will be like reliving the excitement again for kids.’
    • ‘She hears voices, sees visions, and receives the stigmata as she vicariously relives the Passion of Jesus Christ.’
    • ‘Now, with this new face, she once again relived the horror that her neighbors had put her though.’
    • ‘We'll ask about his experiences again in reliving that day a couple of days ago.’
    • ‘She was repeatedly fascinated by elderly residents who were reliving the same memories.’
    • ‘However, most of the film occurs in Spider's mind and memory, as he relives his childhood as a lonely youth whose only human contact seems to be his parents.’
    • ‘As the novel traverses the four seasons, it records the upheaval in the small community which relives its memories of the dead.’
    • ‘Reluctantly, she gave in to the memories and relived the past eight months.’
    • ‘I felt my body stiffen painfully as I relived the memory of my best friend being thrown onto the concrete footpath.’
    • ‘There were memories relived by many as they graced the fields they once starred upon.’



/rēˈliv/ /riˈlɪv/