Definition of remailer in English:



  • 1Computing
    A service that anonymously forwards email so as to disguise the original sender.

    ‘I know they are talking about open relays, but is it vague enough to also mean remailers, anonymous mailers and disposable email services are now illegal.’
    • ‘For example, dissident scientologists sent secret information to e-mail lists, remaining anonymous by using remailers.’
    • ‘A spammer could then use these infected computers as an anonymous remailer for his wares.’
    • ‘Finally, to consider some more dramatic possibilities, the government could launch a denial of service attack on any remaining anonymous remailers, which guarantee the privacy of both the sender and receiver of e-mail.’
    • ‘You can always use anonymous web-based email, or simply a remailer, to make sure your IP doesn't show up in the message header.’
    1. 1.1A forwarding service for mail that takes advantage of cheaper or more efficient postal services in other countries.



/rēˈmālər/ /riˈmeɪlər/