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  • 1Still existing, present, or in use; surviving.

    ‘Lilly was my last remaining close relative’
    • ‘the few remaining employees are working part-time’
    • ‘Concern has been expressed about the long term survival of the Island's last two remaining limekiln structures.’
    • ‘Salary savings from hiring younger faculty to replace retirees can also be applied toward salary increases for the entire remaining faculty.’
    • ‘In the second week, a single researcher interviewed four of the remaining respondents.’
    • ‘With the normalization of Japan - Soviet diplomatic relations in October 1956, the remaining 1,049 prisoners were repatriated in December.’
    • ‘The presence or absence of cyanosis was not noted in the remaining cases.’
    • ‘Ejido commissioner Juan Gomez worries about the troops encamped in Banco Nuevo's remaining community forests.’
    • ‘At first, the population of the area simply became more concentrated around the remaining waterways.’
    • ‘Twenty thousand libertarian activists should be able to persuade the remaining necessary voters to vote for a libertarian candidate.’
    • ‘Nazaruddin said the KPU would offer incentives to encourage the remaining printing firms to improve their performance.’
    • ‘However, Hatcher succeeded in shipping the remaining treasure to Germany.’
    • ‘Now there is only a handful remaining inside the city walls.’
    • ‘They also want the minister to allow for the development of the remaining land into a public park for general recreational use.’
    • ‘Michael, the last remaining Project Cool employee, kept serving ALA from DevX.’
    • ‘Otherwise, the water remaining in the lines freezes - cracking the pipes.’
    • ‘The last remaining Washington population, near Spokane, is most likely extirpated.’
    • ‘He was the last remaining member of the Kelly family who farmed at Monavea.’
    • ‘He said the remaining traffic officers were "coping" with the cuts, which he blamed on limited resources.’
    • ‘The remaining birds, whether on the breeding or wintering grounds, mostly inhabit public or undeveloped beaches.’
    • ‘However, in order to complete the restoration of the pond it has been necessary to cull the remaining ducks.’
    • ‘This has rendered virtually unenforceable the few remaining rules intended to further grand jury independence.’
    residual, surviving, left, left over, unused
    surviving, lasting, enduring, continuing, persisting, lingering, abiding, long-lived, existing, still existing, extant, in existence, living, lifelong, long-term, perennial
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  • 2Not yet used, dealt with, or resolved; outstanding.

    ‘they advertised for any remaining creditors to come forward’
    • ‘Moreover the verdicts in the remaining cases are likely to follow a similar pattern.’
    • ‘The remaining will be allocated by the General Assembly.’
    • ‘Many banks that went under in 1998 long ago shifted their remaining assets to new companies.’
    • ‘That sucked any remaining freshness from the Broncos' defense, which caved under Tomlinson's relentless talent.’
    • ‘Much of the remaining 60 % is borrowed for yet another parasitic policy, fees.’
    • ‘Mr Hennessy suggested a yield rate of 8 % for the value of the receipt of the ground rent over the remaining term.’
    • ‘In addition, the Capitals will pick up roughly a third of Jagr's contract in its four remaining years.’
    • ‘It plans to keep the remaining £ 35m to fund small acquisitions at what it hopes will be knock-down prices.’
    • ‘The Treasury is willing to put up $75 billion to $100 billion of the remaining TARP funds to help pay for these assets.’
    • ‘In this process some remaining double bonds are flipped from the natural cis configuration to a trans configuration, which imparts the serum cholesterol elevating properties.’
    • ‘GenoMed's SNPs may pick up the remaining 95 % of sporadic breast cancer cases in white women, i.e. in women without a strong family history of breast cancer.’
    • ‘The captain, Bell, survived and he ordered that the remaining turrets should fire on the Graf Spee.’
    • ‘The threat of administration and a subsequent deduction of ten league points is growing closer by the day and Stubbs is the only remaining contender to complete a rescue.’
    • ‘We will continue to work with Congress on the energy legislation needed to carry out the remaining recommendations.’
    • ‘Then, with just five minutes remaining, they took the lead for the first time in the game with a penalty from in front of the posts.’
    • ‘With ten minutes remaining in this uninspiring Junior Football Final, Waterford looked set to repeat their 1999 All Ireland success.’
    • ‘In the last remaining daylight, you can spot a few small white dots darting about the shoreline.’
    • ‘With minutes remaining, Scoil Lorcáin were awarded a 21 metre free.’
    • ‘With five minutes remaining on the clock Graham got his second try.’
    • ‘We'll be back with our remaining moments with Art Linkletter.’
    • ‘He refused to come to court for most of the trial, remaining in a holding cell.’
    • ‘Littmoden was charged $206 per horse for not giving any reason at all why he withdrew the remaining two horses.’
    unsettled, outstanding, unresolved, unfinished, incomplete, to be done, undone, not done, unattended to
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  • 3Still to happen; future.

    ‘it will likely take six wins in the eight remaining games’
    • ‘The opening goal did eventually arrive with less than 20 minutes remaining in the encounter.’
    • ‘The best chance of the match for Portlaoise came with minutes remaining.’
    • ‘Meursault had put her in a home, where she lived out her remaining days.’
    • ‘In the second half Esholt thought they had equalised with ten minutes remaining only to have the goal ruled offside.’
    • ‘Claire O'Hara was excellent, setting up the goal chance with a great run through the centre with just two minutes remaining.’
    • ‘After five races he is second in the Championship with seven rounds remaining.’
    • ‘Chippenham Town are currently 16th in the premier division of the Dr Martens League and are hoping to sustain their playoff push over their five remaining games of the season.’
    • ‘He had a bye on the first day but then won his four remaining games to score four and a half points out of five and take first place.’
    • ‘If Schaeffer leaves after spring practice, he will have to sit out next season but still would have two years of eligibility remaining.’
    • ‘The Warriors have three games remaining, as a pair of road games will bookend the Warriors ' final home date.’
    • ‘He passed Dennis Setzer in points for a final time with four races remaining.’



/rəˈmāniNG/ /rəˈmeɪnɪŋ/