Definition of reman in English:


verbremans, remanning, remanned

[with object]
  • 1Equip with new personnel.

    ‘these last five had been remanned with new crews’
    • ‘After the unit's deployability window closes, the unit would stand down for remanning and retraining.’
    • ‘Look at other equipment they have refurbished or remanned.’
    • ‘There they re-equip and reman while executing all individual predeployment training requirements, attaining readiness as quickly as possible.’
  • 2literary Make (someone) manly or courageous again.

    ‘reman your breast; I feel no such remorse’
    • ‘And there's that whole concept of a lack of masculinity, a lack of manhood, you know, a lessening of self because of the occupation that turns particularly men towards remanning themselves.’