Definition of remanent in English:



  • 1 technical Remaining; residual.

    • ‘However, a related property, the coercivity of remanent hysteresis, which is determinable from the hysteresis loop, has been shown to be an adequate estimator of the coercivity of remanence.’
    1. 1.1(of magnetism) remaining after the magnetizing field has been removed.
      ‘Given the lag time between aeolianite deposition and the acquisition of chemical remanent magnetism, the East Naracoorte Range, which is reversely magnetized could actually have a minimum age exceeding 810 ka.’
      • ‘While the basalt pile is largely characterized by reversely polarized remanent magnetism, measurements on the Faeroe Islands demonstrate the presence of two significant intervals with normally polarized remanent magnetism.’
      • ‘There are, however, local weak remanent magnetic fields associated with some of the Moon's major impact basins that suggest that part of the core may still have been liquid and generating a global field when these formed 3.6 Ga ago.’
      • ‘Some samples revealed a steep low-temperature natural remanent magnetization component removed by temperatures higher than 150°C.’
      • ‘The direction and intensity of the remanent magnetization of the oriented samples before and after demagnetization were analysed using spinner magnetometers.’
      remaining, leftover, unused, unconsumed



/ˈremənənt/ /ˈrɛmənənt/


Late Middle English from Latin remanent- ‘remaining’, from the verb remanere.