Definition of remap in English:


transitive verbtransitive verb remaps, transitive verb remapping, transitive verb remapped

[with object]Computing
  • Assign (a function) to a different key.

    ‘remap the function to a function key you can easily locate’
    • ‘The mouse runs just fine without the software, but the software allows you to remap the 3 buttons.’
    • ‘Keyboard keys can all be remapped though, which I thought was an excellent idea.’
    • ‘This leads to my last complaint - no ability to remap the buttons for the keyboard or controllers, which is a real problem because you can't figure out which buttons do what.’
    • ‘Noticeably absent is the option to remap your key configuration.’
    • ‘Fortunately, remapping the keys is no problem.’



/rēˈmap/ /riˈmæp/