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  • 1In a way that is worthy of attention.

    ‘you have performed remarkably’
    • ‘Two years later, the completed house is remarkably true to the original diagram, he says.’
    • ‘The box-like interior space of the Finnish exhibit was made remarkably interesting by the introduction of flowing, free-form walls.’
    • ‘This is a hall where music in its various iterations seems remarkably at home.’
    • ‘In fact, the building is extremely carefully tailored to its location and the handling of spaces and levels is remarkably thoughtful.’
    • ‘Regardless of the specific lesson and laboratory activity, middle school student perceptions were remarkably similar.’
    • ‘Some of these differences were not statistically significant, but the overall picture is remarkably clear.’
    • ‘The architects have produced a remarkably flexible theatre.’
    • ‘From his earliest works Giorgione was remarkably innovative.’
    • ‘For the most part that blood-brain barrier works remarkably well.’
    • ‘Construction is remarkably and necessarily simple, based on a 5m square modular steel grid.’
    1. 1.1To a surprising degree.
      ‘her condition improved remarkably’
      • ‘he seems remarkably relaxed about the whole thing’
      • ‘On balance our partnership degree programs are remarkably successful.’
      • ‘Sometimes there are unexpected opportunities that you may find remarkably profitable.’
      • ‘Attracting around 480,000 visitors annually it is, remarkably, the most popular museum in Stuttgart.’
      • ‘It is remarkably effective at extracting whatever nutrients the sap might contain.’
      • ‘Usually, people who have rarely, if ever, met each other before have got on remarkably well.’
      • ‘Compared with some of the other contributions you published in the last issue, it seems remarkably restrained.’
      • ‘These light ice cream products taste remarkably similar to their full-fat counterparts.’
      • ‘Overall, the structure remains in remarkably good condition.’
      • ‘The soil is remarkably fertile for being in such a mountainous region.’
      • ‘The film was produced to a remarkably small budget.’
  • 2sentence adverb Used to express surprise at an event or situation.

    ‘remarkably, she hung on to her job’
    • ‘Remarkably, patients in the newly designed environments gave significantly better ratings to their actual treatment.’
    • ‘Remarkably, nobody in France talks of "wealth creation."’
    • ‘Remarkably, such possibilities are not mentioned in any of the leading teacher manuals.’
    • ‘Remarkably, the recording still sounds fresher than most hip hop albums released today.’
    • ‘Remarkably for a band who have set such high standards, the best may be yet to come.’
    • ‘Remarkably, there was not a single Shakespearian play published in the three years following the dramatist's death in 1616.’
    • ‘Remarkably again, the deal has also given the workers a vested interest against accepting any large redundancies.’
    • ‘Remarkably, only two of those companies have folded.’
    • ‘Remarkably, its audience doubled over the course of its two-hour time slot, a trend that continued for the first five episodes.’
    • ‘Remarkably, he manages to say all this without once sounding like he's reprimanding us.’



/rəˈmärkəblē/ /rəˈmɑrkəbli/