Definition of remarry in English:


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intransitive verbintransitive verb remarries, intransitive verb remarrying, intransitive verb remarried

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  • Marry again.

    ‘he remarried shortly after his wife's death’
    • ‘Emma's parents divorced in 1985 and her mother remarried shortly afterwards.’
    • ‘The guilty person was not allowed to remarry but the innocent one could get married again.’
    • ‘She never remarried, and she said she didn't marry because she wanted to devote attention to us.’
    • ‘Widowed and divorced women are pressured to remarry or become dependents in a brother's or married son's household.’
    • ‘Canadian women tended to marry young and, if widowed, to remarry quickly, unlike their counterparts in France.’
    • ‘One solution they are considering is remarrying on the continent, most likely Denmark, and to force the Irish authorities finally to recognise their marriage.’
    • ‘Just as your grandma isn't betraying her late husband by remarrying, you would not betray your granddad by befriending this new relative.’
    • ‘He went on to chalk up a string of convictions including housebreaking and armed robbery, before remarrying and fathering another three children.’
    • ‘Some Federal MPs say the plans appear to mean that an ex-partner could prevent their former spouse from remarrying.’
    • ‘The couple have considered remarrying, but Jim is not sure.’
    • ‘However, divorcees must show their divorce certificates when remarrying.’
    • ‘And they have to keep updating it because he keeps remarrying and having more children.’
    • ‘Rules banning divorced people from remarrying in church were revoked yesterday by the Church of England.’
    • ‘We have conducted debates on issues such as mercy killing and senior citizens remarrying.’
    • ‘After remarrying, her first husband claimed they had never been divorced.’
    • ‘Their night out together came on the day the Church of England lifted the ban on divorcees remarrying in church.’
    • ‘We have reconciled and are probably going to remarry.’
    • ‘These will include ways to address the priest shortage, speeding up annulment of marriages, and how to resolve the problem of giving Communion to Catholics who divorce and remarry.’
    • ‘I don't believe that they were going to remarry.’
    • ‘He has always stated that he has no wish to remarry.’



/rēˈmerē/ /riˈmɛri/