Definition of remaster in English:


transitive verb

[with object]
  • Make a new master of (a sound recording), typically in order to improve the sound quality.

    ‘all the tracks have been remastered from the original tapes’
    • ‘a boxed set of remastered material’
    • ‘At first, Rhino issued novelty recordings, but over time it began licensing and remastering recordings from other labels.’
    • ‘The label has used the most modern 96kHz, 24-bit technology to remaster recordings that usually sounded pretty good in the first place, and the results are impressive.’
    • ‘Where necessary, tracks have been deftly remastered and genuinely sound fresher.’
    • ‘Not only does it include a host of unreleased or hard to find tracks, but it's all been digitally remastered, so it sounds as good as it ever has.’
    • ‘The audio and video has been remastered, polishing the sound and vision into pristine, wonderful elements.’
    • ‘Paramount has immaculately restored and remastered the original source material, and it shows.’
    • ‘For their release on DVD, the audio has been aggressively remastered in surround sound.’
    • ‘Purists will be happy to know the original mono track was remastered into two-channel Dolby Digital mono.’
    • ‘They were remastered from the original Capitol master tapes.’
    • ‘Now, after remixing and remastering the album, they are set to release the definitive version of their debut, Conquest.’
    • ‘Also available, however, is a remastered stereo track that further enlivens the film's audio.’
    • ‘Again, Mozart has never sounded better, and it is instantly obvious that the audio track has been remastered.’
    • ‘I highly recommend seeing the digitally remastered version at Music Box if you have the chance.’
    • ‘We've been remastering movies like Radar Men From the Moon, Invisible Ghost with Bela Lugosi… lots of classics.’
    • ‘He recorded this disc in 1965 but it has been remastered well and does not show its age unduly.’
    • ‘The effort needed to remaster the series thoroughly from original film elements is probably not cost-effective, though.’
    • ‘Considering the original source material here is more than three decades old, there was obviously a significant amount of care taken in remastering the picture here.’
    • ‘In a time when most studios are remastering their catalogue titles and releasing them at very attractive prices, this transfer is an embarrassment.’
    • ‘The series has been digitally remastered, which means that most scenes come through as good as new, although much of the stock war footage is faded and grainy.’
    • ‘The remastering was done in 2 ½ weeks and was met with great praise.’



/rēˈmastər/ /riˈmæstər/