Definition of Remembrance Day in English:

Remembrance Day


  • 1(in Canada) November 11, observed in memory of those who died in World Wars I and II; Veterans Day.

  • 2

    another term for Remembrance Sunday

    ‘On Remembrance Day the last post is followed by a period of silence, and then by the reveille - the day's first bugle-call - to symbolize death and resurrection.’
    • ‘On Anzac Day and on Remembrance Day, headmaster and chaplains gave solemn little talks based, quite often, on their own service; they were often ‘returned’ men.’
    • ‘Although many, busy in their commitments to the operation, were unable to attend, a modest crowd took the time to reflect on what Remembrance Day means to them.’
    • ‘The dignity with which they conducted themselves showed to everyone that Remembrance Day shall not be forgotten by future generations.’
    • ‘It is not by chance that Simona chose to tell the story of the Remembrance Day.’
    • ‘They said the grass was overgrown, the area covered in leaves and the memorial could have done with cleaning for the first Remembrance Day of the century.’
    • ‘After world war two Armistice Day became Remembrance Day.’
    • ‘Cummins agreed and believed that it was a shame that nothing had been done before now and that any time he had attended a Remembrance Day Mass, there had been a large attendance by relatives of Waterford people that died during World War One.’
    • ‘The Rev Chris Comyns told the annual Remembrance Day service in Dublin how people felt frustrated that WWI - the war to end all wars - had not brought lasting peace to the world.’
    • ‘The same day, Air Force, Navy and Army personnel came together on the island to acknowledge Remembrance Day.’
    • ‘In particular a 24-man guard marched through the streets of the town as part of Remembrance Day, and a small group, including the Commanding Officer, attended the ceremonies in Carlisle.’
    • ‘The campaign to raise the money was launched on Remembrance Day during a small ceremony at the hospital.’
    • ‘And lest we forget, in this issue we mark Remembrance Day with a salute to the Victoria Cross and that select band of brave men who have won this highest of military honours.’
    • ‘They start three weeks before Remembrance Day, and we start right from basics - basic foot drill then on to rifle drill.’
    • ‘On Thursday 11 November, the Court will not sit before noon - there are, of course, Remembrance Day ceremonies on that day - but it will give you a day and over half a day for argument.’
    • ‘In recent years, demands have been made for the Irish state to fully and unconditionally participate at official level in Remembrance Day ceremonies.’
    • ‘I particularly hope it can be repaired by Remembrance Day.’
    • ‘I'm not saying a lot of us don't show respect for Remembrance Day, but why they choose not to wear poppies to show that they care about the meaning of Remembrance Day, I don't know.’
    • ‘We see a renewed effort to commemorate the fallen on Remembrance Day and the laying of that misunderstood poppy wreath.’
    • ‘The photo over the Minster reminded me of Remembrance Day, when I flew the lone Spitfire over Westminster Abbey.’


Remembrance Day

/rəˈmembrəns ˌdā/ /rəˈmɛmbrəns ˌdeɪ/ /rēˈmembrəns ˌdā/ /riˈmɛmbrəns ˌdeɪ/