Definition of remineralization in English:


Pronunciation /-ˌminərələˈzāSHən/


(also British remineralisation)

See remineralize

‘Fluorides protect against caries by inhibiting mineral loss, promoting remineralisation of decalcified enamel, and reducing formation of plaque acids.’
  • ‘It accumulates in plaque, where it decreases microbial acid production and enhances enamel remineralization.’
  • ‘Silicaceous rock powders are believed by many farmers to mimic the remineralization that occurs when glaciers descend from the north, grinding rocks into a fine powder that supplies trace minerals.’
  • ‘Not only can boosting the mineral content of teeth through remineralization prevent tooth decay, but if employed early on, it can actually reverse decay, say some dentists.’
  • ‘Juvenile racehorses entering training undergo a period of bone demineralization followed by a period of remineralization.’