Definition of Remington in English:



  • 1 Trademark A make of firearm.

    ‘It resembles many of the English revolvers more closely than the Colts and Remingtons.’
    • ‘Today, shooting condition examples of original Springfields, Remingtons and Sharps are not uncommon on the antique gun market, plus newly manufactured Sharps, Remingtons, and Ballards are readily available.’
    • ‘These current Remingtons are true to the original design except for the cylinder which is approximately one-eighth inch longer to accommodate many of the .45 Colt loads currently available.’
    • ‘The solution to its customer- and consumer-relationship needs is a Web site that provides detailed information and makes it easier to buy and operate a Remington firearm.’
    • ‘The largest single donation was a live-auction bid on a Remington 1100 Classic Trap shotgun - worth roughly $750 retail.’
  • 2 trademark in UK A make of typewriter.

    ‘In 1897 he purchased a Remington typewriter so he could dictate his novels to a typist instead of writing them longhand.’
    • ‘I bought myself a Remington Streamline Portable half a year ago, my first contact with a manual typewriter, and I couldn't be happier.’
    • ‘Indeed, at the time when I began to work for him, he had reached a state at which the click of a Remington machine acted as a positive spur.’



/ˈremiNGt(ə)n/ /ˈrɛmɪŋt(ə)n/


Mid 19th century named after Eliphalet Remington (1793–1861) and his son Philo (1816–89), American manufacturers, whose company was the original producer.