Definition of reminiscently in English:



See reminiscent

‘His letter rambled reminiscently, describing his occasional return trips to town - driving by my parents' old house, visiting with Sister Helen to chat about favorite students.’
  • ‘She looked at it reminiscently and shoved it to the bottom of her bag.’
  • ‘Not being too open, he didn't confess this to himself, but he made no move to deny it either, and he was smiling reminiscently when he opened the door.’
  • ‘Tiffany smiled reminiscently as she pushed a brass tack into the photo that was by far her favorite.’
  • ‘Rose smiled reminiscently, thinking of the eventful previous night.’



/ˌreməˈnis(ə)ntlē/ /ˌrɛməˈnɪs(ə)ntli/