Definition of remonetize in English:


transitive verb

(also British remonetise)
[with object] rare
  • Restore (a metal) to its former position as legal tender.

    ‘By the accumulation of more and more silver, they effectively protected their family's property and, single-handedly remonetized the white metal.’
    • ‘The Fekete plan for America entails remonetizing both gold and silver and incorporates his groundbreaking theoretical work on Adam Smith's Real Bills Doctrine, refined by Bell, Spahr and Palyi, into the mix.’
    • ‘Last November governors of all 31 Mexican states sent a letter to the Ways and Means Committee of the Mexican House of Representatives to urge approval of legislation to remonetize silver.’



/rēˈmänəˌtīz/ /riˈmɑnəˌtaɪz/