Definition of remonstrative in English:



See remonstrate

‘The reaction in Spain has been, to the best of my knowledge, the first openly remonstrative instance of people ignoring government propaganda and making up their own minds.’
  • ‘He adds a monotone, remonstrative vocal to ‘Äesthetik der function’ and a Scottish brogue-laden recitation to nylon guitars in ‘The Hermit Returns (Again).’’
  • ‘The utter terror with which they cower before him is at once comic (he is rather fond of a remonstrative wagging of his finger) and disturbing (the dancers shrink from his gaze as if cut by a scythe, and tremble in paroxysms of fear).’
  • ‘Four Friends has a decidedly sad, pessimistic, and disturbing undercurrent that belies its characters' joie de vivre with a cautionary, almost remonstrative subtext.’
  • ‘But it wasn't just Gladstone who copped the remonstrative hand of the Queen.’



/rəˈmänstrədiv/ /rəˈmɑnstrədɪv/ /ˈremənˌstrādiv/ /ˈrɛmənˌstreɪdɪv/