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  • 1Without regret or guilt.

    ‘a remorseless killer’
    • ‘They are brutal and remorseless killers, undeserving of the legalism of international conventions, the U.S. government argues.’
    • ‘Uncle Charlie is a killer, but not remorseless or unempathic.’
    • ‘Their subject is the gregarious, loquacious, remorseless killer Benoit.’
    • ‘Cruise is as comfortable with darkly comic scenes as with the nuances of a remorseless killer.’
    • ‘Corporate psychopaths score high on Factor 1, the ‘selfish, callous, and remorseless use of others’ category.’
    • ‘Was he not actually the sensitive, caring pet I knew and loved, but rather a cruel, remorseless murderer?’
    • ‘Nature is remorselessly cruel and none more remorseless than the slugs and snails that are currently trying to eat my lettuces before I can.’
    • ‘In states with a death penalty, this is just the kind of killing - premeditated, commercial, often remorseless, a betrayal of humanity's deepest bond - that qualifies for the death penalty.’
    • ‘A remorseless critic in Kraus's own mould might well argue that if you were wrong about Dreyfus it wouldn't matter too much what you were right about.’
    • ‘He's going to make a statement at the end of these hearings and it sounds typically remorseless.’
    • ‘Throwing an adversary from the top of a car park is just one of his remorseless acts of violence.’
    • ‘Why, the defamation of our good names paints us as remorseless ghouls bent on world domination!’
    • ‘Peter (the eldest) is brutal, angry, and remorseless.’
    • ‘No one doubts that the Conqueror could be remorseless: not least in his wasting of parts of Yorkshire and the north-west in the desperate campaigning of 1069-70.’
    • ‘‘The psychology of a violent, remorseless murderer is not defined by connecting dots,’ Cornwell writes at the beginning.’
    • ‘These golden dragon-men overlooked the fact of what we were, supposedly vile, remorseless monsters in league with the Devourer himself.’
    • ‘These killings are planned, purposeful, and remorseless.’
    • ‘We're given to understand that because Charlie is tormented by guilt that he somehow occupies a higher rung on the moral ladder than his unrepentant, remorseless elder brother.’
    heartless, pitiless, merciless, ruthless, callous, cruel, hard-hearted, stony-hearted, with a heart of stone, cold-hearted, harsh, inhumane, unmerciful, unforgiving, unfeeling, unpitying, uncompromising, unkind
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    1. 1.1(of something unpleasant) never ending or improving; relentless.
      ‘remorseless poverty’
      • ‘Those farm overalls represented hard, long days in the harsh sun and remorseless winters.’
      • ‘The remorseless rise in Irish petrol prices has been stemmed with the news in the government budget that excise duties on unleaded petrol has been reduced.’
      • ‘Their modern counterparts face much worse, being hemmed in by the spread of suburbia, by motorways and the remorseless growth of traffic on ordinary roads.’
      • ‘Nor could America's achievement have been done without a certain levelling down of attitudes and ascriptions, in parallel with the remorseless rise of the American wealth machine.’
      • ‘This remorseless pressure drove a great number of peasants to the edge of subsistence, making them deeply vulnerable to periodic shocks in the agrarian cycle.’
      • ‘It is the western condition of globalisation, and its paradox of intimacy and intolerance suggests that the western reaction to the remorseless rise of the non-west will be far from benign.’
      • ‘It is only under the remorseless pressure of dealing with the reality of Iris that the make-believe barriers sometimes break down and he shouts that he hates her.’
      • ‘The guitar is equally remorseless: there are no chord changes; it's E flat minor throughout.’
      relentless, unrelenting, unremitting, unabating, inexorable, implacable, unstoppable
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/rəˈmôrsləs/ /rəˈmɔrsləs/