Definition of remote control in English:

remote control

Pronunciation /rəˌmoʊt kənˈtroʊl/

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  • 1Control of a machine or apparatus from a distance by means of signals transmitted from a radio or electronic device.

    ‘the bomb was detonated by remote control’
    • ‘a remote-control toy’
    1. 1.1A device that controls a machine, especially a television or VCR, from a distance.
      ‘he turned the volume down by means of his remote control’
      • ‘The system is further provided with user control means such as a remote controller for generating user control commands and transmitting signals to the data processor in response thereto so as to control the content of the display signal.’
      • ‘Both cards offer FM-radio tuners and remote controls that use radio frequencies, not infrared, to issue commands.’
      • ‘Look at the development of ‘older’ battery operated technology, transistor radios, video cameras, mobile phones and even remote controls that we use for a range of devices.’
      • ‘These two devices look like remote controls, and are possible options for future media center PCs.’
      • ‘There's even an application for programming all your remote controls into the device.’
      • ‘Use it on hard, nonporous surfaces, such as doorknobs, toilet areas, telephones, computer keyboards, and remote controls.’
      • ‘Many of these units have fans to move the heat, and are also available with remote controls, wall switches or wall-mounted thermostats.’
      • ‘We have our VCR's, air-conditioning, remote controls, and fast food.’
      • ‘You shouldn't need two remote controls to switch the entire system on and off.’
      • ‘Another surprise is the lack of remote controls on the steering wheel, quite common at this price range.’
      • ‘Small mercury batteries inside remote controls can be easily swallowed so keep these out of children's reach as well.’
      • ‘And you need to load them up with as many small things as possible; obviously things for recording sounds, and ways of controlling them without having to touch the camera - remote controls and things like that.’
      • ‘The new handsets, manufactured by five leading Japanese electronics makers, can download videos, play games, pay for groceries at convenience stores, and work as remote controls for TVs and other devices.’
      • ‘‘He said then that I threw two remote controls at him, I threw a cordless phone at him and I threw a teacup at him,’ he said.’
      • ‘By pressing the red button on their remote controls, digital viewers will be able to access an interactive menu where they can choose between two extra interactive streams.’
      • ‘Nowadays, viewers have the facility of remote controls, which enables them to fast-forward or skip the shows that they don't want to watch.’
      • ‘Cable companies are also experimenting with interactive channels that let viewers enlist their remote controls to click on banner ads and onscreen buttons.’
      • ‘They can even seek advice from the teaching team via the interactive button on their TV remote controls.’
      • ‘By the time most Canadian children encounter their first classroom-computer, they are familiar with a range of electronic technologies - telephones, video games, remote controls - if not with actual computers.’
      • ‘And besides, maybe the owner has a completely electrical system with cameras and remote controls.’