Definition of rémoulade in English:



(also remoulade)
  • Salad or seafood dressing made with hard-boiled egg yolks, oil, and vinegar, and flavored with mustard, capers, and herbs.

    as modifier ‘spicy shrimp tempura with a remoulade sauce’
    • ‘we make a real remoulade, we don't serve a bottled tartar sauce’
    • ‘I am puzzled by the blue-crab fritters, small puffs that never let you forget they are fried; and by their dipping sauces (green papaya remoulade, tamarind ketchup, soy-chile mignonette) that sound more interesting than they taste.’
    • ‘It was a warm day, so we passed on the squash bisque and instead ordered spicy shrimp tempura with a remoulade sauce and baby salad greens with bocconcini in a raspberry vinaigrette.’
    • ‘There's also a cooler full of salads, addictive remoulade you can take home in tubs, a good selection of Danish cheese (including top-quality Havarti), homemade rye bread, all kinds of Dutch chocolate - yum.’
    • ‘There are also chunky crab cakes with cranberry, duck and pork rillettes on crisp French bread, Atlantic prawns and celeriac remoulade with a topping of caviar.’
    • ‘John sampled some of everyone's and declared his appetizer - shrimp remoulade - to be pretty good.’
    • ‘People said to get one with everything (mustard, raw onions, fried onions, remoulade and something else I think), but I mistakenly ordered a ‘Clinton Special’ at the suggestion of some drunk 17-year old ordering ahead of me.’
    • ‘Here is a recipe for cooked lobster served with homemade remoulade sauce.’
    • ‘By comparison, coconut shrimp, another winning appetizer, seems like spa food: a quartet of firm, sweet, nut-crusted crustaceans with a lively mango-curry remoulade.’
    • ‘He's going to replace the heady sauce and the imported cheese with processed Swiss and a ready-pack version of remoulade.’
    • ‘Divide the meat between four plates, then add a spoonful of remoulade.’
    • ‘Add the caviar to the remoulade and mix to combine.’
    • ‘And she and Smith have combined American ingredients and a French influence, with one result an appetizer of fried green tomatoes and shrimp remoulade.’
    • ‘The corn muffins were warm and the shrimp remoulade was decent, especially to someone who'd never tasted a real one - like us.’
    • ‘The tasting plate consisted of a smoked salmon sandwich with chive cream cheese and remoulade.’
    • ‘We make a real remoulade, we don't serve a bottled tartar sauce, and our own cocktail sauce is made with fresh tomatoes.’



/ˌrāmo͞oˈläd/ /ˌreɪmuˈlɑd/


French rémoulade, from Italian remolata.