Definition of remount in English:


Pronunciation /rēˈmount/ /riˈmaʊnt/ /ˈrēˌmount/ /ˈriˌmaʊnt/

transitive verb

[with object]
  • 1Get on (something) in order to ride it again.

    ‘she went to remount her horse’
    • ‘Sandy remounted and rode through the gates’
    • ‘He remounted another bike and rode the final 80 miles on his own, in bad condition, just to try and complete the Rás.’
    • ‘I remounted my anxious horse and began to ride back towards my manor.’
    • ‘The stallion danced around the men, who were just picking themselves up and remounting their own horses.’
    • ‘Without a word, he stood, remounted his horse, a tall black Thoroughbred named Dancing Dream, and rode away at a brisk walk.’
    • ‘Then wishing his friend a safe last journey, he remounted his horse and sped for home.’
    • ‘‘Both horses are frightened, Devin, let that be enough reason for you,’ Freddie stated solemnly and then abruptly closed the subject by remounting his horse.’
    • ‘After they remount their horse and donkey, the two begin another of their incredible conversations.’
    • ‘Christine seemed leery of remounting the horse, and justifiably so, as the rider did not seem to be capable of steering.’
    • ‘Yet he had to settle for third behind Red Marauder after falling and remounting - he again rode Blowing Wind to third in 2002.’
    • ‘The men remounted and rode back toward the great house.’
    • ‘But still, when they remounted and rode rapidly on, the dread gnawed at his vitals like a rat in the pit of his belly.’
    • ‘Carefully he remounted Gayla with Amalia sitting in front of him, his arms securely fastened around her waist and her head upon his shoulder.’
    • ‘Missy and I remounted Jenny as I put Doc back in my shirt pocket, but I was afraid to ask Jenny to gallop as she was hurting so much.’
    • ‘I remounted Malaya and jogged the short distance back to my own house.’
    • ‘Sighing she recoiled her rope and remounted Diego and slowly rode off.’
    • ‘On the contrary, Santa's approach wins cheers from the moment he is spotted remounting his sleigh.’
    • ‘But seconds later the plucky rider had regained her composure and remounted her animal.’
    • ‘Once outside she gave MeadowLark a few carrots then remounted.’
    • ‘Julian stayed in the shadowed alley for half an hour, until finally the goblins began remounting their dogs and riding off.’
    • ‘He doesn't say anything as I remount the bike and pull out, he just stands watching.’
    1. 1.1Attach to a new frame or setting.
      ‘remount the best photos in glass-fronted mounts’
      • ‘But I explain the cost of remounting a new print if the old one fades.’
    2. 1.2Produce (a play or exhibition) again.
      ‘Gilbert views the current same-sex marriage debate as a timely reason to remount Play Murder, which first hit the stage in 1993.’
      • ‘A Midsummer Night's Dream is back in Edmonton this week as Alberta Ballet remounts Christopher Wheeldon's rendition of the Shakespeare favorite.’
      • ‘Craddock's current offering, Boy Groove, appeared as part of Azimuth Theatre's regular season this past winter, but is being remounted with a different cast as part of the Fringe.’
      • ‘This season it is being remounted in Montreal through late October, and then moves back to Harbourfront Centre in Toronto, where it debuted, through November.’
      • ‘The play that invites us all to a kind of Religious Fundamentalists Anonymous meeting will be remounted, with changes, at infinitheatre at the end of January.’
      • ‘It's like watching Radiohead's ‘Fitter Happier’ as remounted by Deepak Chopra and the cast from Flashdance.’
      • ‘The surreally fresh creel of sketch comedy was one of the freshest and inventive productions of the year - one that deserves to be remounted again, or toured.’
      • ‘Walker's sharply funny piece about a fading movie star who starts stalking one of her fans will be remounted in this summer's Fringe festival and is a show to look out for.’
      • ‘Now that Les Noces has been remounted, might it not be borrowed back?’
      • ‘Since then, Mambo has been remounted in Montreal and in January had a major Toronto premiere, brought to the city by Canada's preeminent theatrical gurus, the Mirvishes.’
      • ‘I loved this show and hope it will be remounted soon - perhaps in a laundrette near you.’
      • ‘The broadcast was not recorded but its popularity meant the serial was remounted in the studio a few months later, in hour-long episodes.’
      • ‘In the manual he composed for remounting Etant donnes in the museum, he wrote that it was ‘executed between 1946 and 1966 in New York.’’
      • ‘Kudelka's experiments in remounting the Petipa classics have benefited from the coherence implicit in the Petipa originals.’
      • ‘It did well and is now being remounted at the Jane Mallet Theatre.’
      • ‘Its revival of The Mystery of Irma Vep was also a success and will be remounted at Edmonton's Citadel Theatre next season.’
      • ‘There's also a strong similarity to Stay Black and Die, a Fringe show in '98 that was remounted at Centaur that fall.’
      • ‘A Delicate Battle is being remounted by The National Ballet, with an engagement at the Hummingbird Centre that ends this week.’
      • ‘The show will be remounted in Montreal this summer in its French version, followed by another staging of the English version at the Centaur in the fall.’
    3. 1.3Organize and embark on (a significant course of action) again.
      • ‘the raid was remounted in August’


  • 1A fresh horse for a rider.

    ‘herds of remounts grazed the meadows above the city’
    • ‘Indeed in the 1928/29 season it was a Spanish officer who won the most important race in the local point-to-point on a Spanish Army remount.’
    • ‘The other quarter I fancy owed itself to a drop of Waler blood in her genealogy, from one of the thousands of Australian horses shipped to the Middle East in 1914 as Cavalry remounts.’
    • ‘The pack animals and remounts caught its fear, lunging against their leads and squealing in terror, and Bahzell leapt in among them to calm them.’
    • ‘Each man had about five horses and a herd of remounts always followed the armies to ensure that there would be a sufficient amount of horses.’
    1. 1.1historical A supply of fresh horses for a regiment.
      • ‘50 or 60 horses should be purchased as a remount’