Definition of Renaissance man in English:

Renaissance man


(also Renaissance woman)
  • A person with many talents or areas of knowledge.

    ‘In fact, we now know that Newton was in many ways a Renaissance man, working in theology, prophecy, and alchemy, as well as mathematics, optics, and physics.’
    • ‘Notoriously single-minded, the erstwhile enfant terrible of the Belgian art world is a Renaissance man, despite his penchant for drenching everything in body fluids.’
    • ‘The Onion A.V. Club recently spoke to Yoakam about the state of country music, his upbringing, and his lifestyle as a Renaissance man.’
    • ‘He may have once been described as a Renaissance man in times less commercial.’
    • ‘A true Renaissance man, Wagoner is an army veteran and pharmacist as well as a professional dancer and choreographer.’
    • ‘A true Renaissance man, he is described by biographers as an artist, poet, writer, journalist, linguist, naturalist, and philosopher.’
    • ‘He has earned recognition as a Renaissance man through his contributions to the worlds of photography, film, literature, music and poetry.’
    • ‘He's a Renaissance man who is incredibly well-read, draws upon an enormous breadth of experience, and has an astonishing memory.’
    • ‘A true Renaissance man, Beck has risen to international acclaim for his sculpture, as well as his abstract and figurative paintings.’
    • ‘He can rightly be called a quintessential Renaissance man - musician, photographer, writer and teacher.’
    • ‘I am what I have always been - the last Renaissance man, if I may be allowed to say so.’
    • ‘Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, who was quite the Renaissance man himself, created the character and his many stories.’
    • ‘Lincoln was very much a Renaissance man, not unlike Thomas Jefferson.’
    • ‘He was a Renaissance man in a world filled with teeming mediocrity.’
    • ‘However, he never doubted his genius as a Renaissance man or the importance of his work for future generations.’
    • ‘A true Renaissance man, he surprised us with his versatility and non-art related talents.’
    • ‘Now he is played by John Malkovich, with the sophistication of a Renaissance man, grown rich on other people's ignorance.’
    • ‘Junger was considered a true Renaissance man in his lifetime.’
    • ‘Do you think you were fuelled by the fact that he is a fellow Renaissance man?’
    • ‘Sure, Flavin was no polymath, no Renaissance man, though he did share with Leonardo an empiricist's preoccupation with light and its effect on perception.’


Renaissance man

/ˈˌrenəˈˌsäns man/ /ˈˌrɛnəˈˌsɑns mæn/