Definition of renationalize in English:


(British renationalise)


[with object]
  • Transfer (a privatized industry) back into state ownership or control.

    • ‘New Labour has gone through one excuse after another over the last four years to avoid renationalising the rail industry.’
    • ‘The marchers rallied at key industrial sites, demanding that former state-owned industries be renationalized and reopened.’
    • ‘Plant management and regional industrialists are demanding that the strike be made illegal, while union officials want the government to renationalize the plant, which was privatized in 1996.’
    • ‘Might, say, a privatised water company in Sao Paulo be renationalised by a left-wing regime?’
    • ‘Some senior officials are said to be keen to renationalise firms controlling Russia's lucrative natural resources, which they believe were sold off too cheaply in rushed privatisations during the early 1990s.’
    • ‘Rationally, the government should have just renationalised Railtrack.’
    • ‘This Government has renationalised accident compensation.’
    • ‘It calls for spending less money on the arms industry, renationalising public utilities and ending PFI schemes.’
    • ‘Foreign investors quaked, worrying that a group of ex-KGB hardliners intent on renationalizing the Russian economy had seized control of the Kremlin.’
    • ‘Instead of renationalising the rail, New Labour appointed another company, Network Rail, to run it, leaving the private companies in charge of the trains.’
    • ‘The twin advantage of this is that it would not only ease the competition substantially, it could also help to avoid any hint that the company might need to be renationalised.’
    • ‘I wonder, if the Government does pursue its obsession with renationalising business in New Zealand, how it will protect freight on the rail network.’
    • ‘At a Mar. 24 meeting with leading Russian businesspeople, he vowed that the state has no plans to renationalize their properties.’
    • ‘When the Government renationalised Railtrack as Network Rail they said it would save the taxpayer money.’
    • ‘Earlier this year, the Czech government renationalised Explosia, the company that manufactures the explosive, after coming under pressure from Nato to clamp down on illegal sales of Semtex.’
    • ‘Recent tragedies on the rail network also appeared to have made an impression, with 72% calling on the government to renationalise the railways.’
    • ‘If it had been in force last April, it would, quite simply, have been illegal for the Bolivian government to renationalise the Cochabamba water company.’
    • ‘The Labour government will not renationalise the railways.’
    • ‘Ironically, large state enterprises had to be renationalised before they could be privatised, and, even then, the gradual neoclassical approach was not gradual.’
    • ‘The New Zealand Government has virtually renationalised Air New Zealand to avoid the job losses and company failures which would follow a collapse of the national airline.’