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transitive verb

[with object]
  • 1Resume (an activity) after an interruption.

    ‘the parents renewed their campaign to save the school’
    • ‘he announced that he did not intend to renew the peace talks’
    resume, return to, pick up again, take up again, come back to, reopen, begin again, start again, restart, recommence
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    1. 1.1Re-establish (a relationship)
      • ‘the two renewed their friendship, not having seen one another for five years’
    2. 1.2Repeat (a statement)
      • ‘detectives renewed their appeal for witnesses to contact them’
      reaffirm, reassert, confirm
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    3. 1.3Give fresh life or strength to; revive.
      ‘my stay at the retreat has renewed me’
      • ‘a change of scenery will recharge your batteries and renew your zest for life’
      revive, regenerate, revitalize, reinvigorate, restore, breathe new life into, resurrect, resuscitate, awaken, wake up, rejuvenate, stimulate
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  • 2Extend for a further period the validity of (a license, subscription, or contract)

    • ‘her contract had not been renewed’
    extend, prolong
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  • 3Replace (something that is broken or worn out)

    • ‘a generator was replaced and filters were renewed’
    renovate, restore, modernize, redecorate, refurbish, revamp, make over, improve, recondition, rehabilitate, overhaul, redevelop, rebuild, reconstruct, remodel
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/rəˈno͞o/ /rəˈnu/