Definition of rents in English:


plural noun

(also 'rents)
  • A person's parents.

    • ‘are your rents still in town?’
    • ‘the 'rents will be home soon’
    • ‘Not a big fan of cigarettes myself, I had no problem with the rents' 'smoke outside' policy.’
    • ‘I had nothing to do but listen to the rents rant.’
    • ‘The rents are sending me to the Philippines.’
    • ‘Write him a letter about how you feel, but make sure to check with your rents to make sure it's ok.’
    • ‘All I gotta do is print them out, but my rents are sleeping already!’
    • ‘Was watching 8 Mile with my rents when all the power went out.’
    • ‘The rents are in town, spent the whole week going to bed at 8:00 and smoking out the bathroom window.’
    • ‘When the rents are away, Nessa will plaaay!’
    • ‘Yet again, I made my 'rents proud of me.’
    • ‘Amanda has never had a good relationship with her 'rents.’
    mother, father



/rents/ /rɛnts/


1960s abbreviation.