Definition of renumber in English:


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transitive verb

[with object]
  • Change the number or numbers assigned to (something).

    ‘One possibility is renumbering the streets according to today's reality rather than Joe Ladue's original concept.’
    • ‘When I got there it was a flat and I realised I'd been stupid: they were only renumbering the houses.’
    • ‘The separate presidency armies were combined in 1895, and regiments were renumbered to produce a unified list.’
    • ‘A revision of the Convention in the 1980s renumbered it as 35 without any other change.’
    • ‘The absence of this table would appear to be deliberate, as the pages of the resubmitted document were renumbered.’
    • ‘The first scheme ran between the Moy and the Railway station and was so sought after that when the Council added another sixteen houses to the lower end, they had to renumber the scheme up to the required thirty six.’
    • ‘Finally, at Amsterdam in June 1997 the heads of government agreed to renumber the articles.’
    • ‘This ritual follows another annual rite at the beginning of January - cable TV operators removing or renumbering popular channels as a bargaining chip in contract negotiations with channel agents.’
    • ‘Renumbering the record IDs - then renumbering the renumbered record IDs - nearly always lands you back at using Social Security numbers.’
    • ‘Among other things, going from 32 to 128 bits will entail renumbering a large number of addresses already in use.’
    • ‘Originally, this paper was made in grades 1 through 6, but later the grades were renumbered to through 5.’
    • ‘In 1917 a further step was taken to bring all State lines, regardless of gauge, under a single management; again all the locomotives were renumbered, and astonishingly, the small Bagnall became the first of them all, as ‘No.1’!’
    • ‘The no.1014 had a cabinet tip and remained in Stanley's line until 1971, when it was renumbered no.66-140, which was produced until 1989.’
    • ‘The 89 references cited in the original document have been divided along with the text into three parts; references are renumbered and listed in order of their citation in each of the three parts.’
    • ‘The Defiance no.1260 automatic rule was renumbered to H1260.’
    • ‘Accordingly, in 1791, the ten adopted amendments were renumbered, and made the first ten amendments to the Constitution - known as the Bill of Rights.’
    • ‘The squadrons were renumbered because of British bookkeeping, to avoid confusion with their own squadrons Nos 1 to 4.’
    • ‘Once inside the plant, the Car Repair Shop removed the brake equipment, renumbered it and it remained in service for many more years before it was scrapped.’
    • ‘Now, that section was renumbered as section 38 and your Honours will see that from the second-last page in this bundle.’
    • ‘In 1922 the regimental pattern was introduced in the infantry and all the battalions were renumbered.’



/ˌrēˈnəmbər/ /ˌriˈnəmbər/