Definition of repack in English:


transitive verb

[with object]
  • 1Pack (a suitcase or bag) again.

    ‘He had brought all of Claire's things, having had to repack some of them.’
    • ‘She ran upstairs, repacked her suitcase.’
    • ‘The security guards were satisfied and told me to repack everything.’
    • ‘Alone once more in his room, Corky was frantically repacking his steamer trunk with renewed determination to quit the household in which he had unwittingly become entangled.’
    • ‘I transfer my valuables to the hostel safe, repack my handbag with the day's essentials, then I'm off for a day around Paris on my own.’
    • ‘Elizabeth entered to find Jane organizing her things and beginning to repack one of her bags.’
    • ‘It's okay to save money with bulk buying and large packages, if you repack the food in smaller bags.’
    • ‘Still dark outside Dawn had repacked her bags.’
    • ‘She then helped me repack in two bags.’
    • ‘Lizzy carefully repacked the gown in its bag.’
    • ‘Try new techniques, work with new people, and "repack your bags," advises Leider.’
    • ‘So i walked over the hill, repacked my bag and grabbed something to eat at the food hall.’
    • ‘Early the next morning, I repack my bag, folding tiny blades of grass into my clothes and equipment.’
    • ‘Henny carefully repacked her case, dressed and straightened her clothing as best she could.’
    • ‘Kathleen was repacking her trunk for the second time when Harry called.’
    • ‘In the end I was able to make it home soon after midday, then I had to repack my things again for the weekend.’
    • ‘She left her little black bag for last, emptying it of its contents and sitting down to clean and inspect each weapon, repacking the bag with care.’
    • ‘Random thoughts, as I repack my bags.’
    • ‘Which is how I convinced my parents, who just returned from NY yesterday, to repack their luggage and escort me on my trip.’
    • ‘Christina repacked their bags for tomorrow.’
    1. 1.1Pack (objects) differently in a container.
      ‘I revisited the box during the garage renovation, got rid of the old outmoded food, repacked the essentials.’
      • ‘The remaining specimens were repacked in flats, with the best flats being sold for $25 each.’
      • ‘The easiest way to store them this way is to repack your bottles in the type of wooden cases they were originally shipped in.’
      • ‘All three kids immediately began repacking their belongings; to them, this was sufficient cause to move back to town.’
      • ‘He was repacking some other cases of peaches, eliminating the bruised ones.’
      • ‘I attribute this to the pilots getting their chutes repacked at least once a year, with fresh rubber bands, or stows.’
      • ‘Oh yeah, I remembered to lock up, return the keys and repack the van.’
      • ‘Bent double under their loads, the savants spend hours unpacking and repacking their sacks whenever they meet each other.’
      • ‘Before you repack your chute, you also need to check that the cable and the release handle move smoothly and freely.’
      • ‘They had us repack it all in new boxes.’
      • ‘We left at a leisurely 09.00 remembering to repack the remaining wood for the evening fire.’
      • ‘Anna bit the chocolate and thought it over while he repacked his box in a more efficient manner to fit the eggs in.’
      • ‘These bags were removed and the boxes repacked to ameliorate the effects of possible condensation while drying.’
      • ‘It was to be repacked in barrels and reshipped to packing plants in several places.’
      • ‘After the helicopters had dropped our gear on the other side and departed, we had to first reassemble all the equipment and then repack the sledges.’
      • ‘He had been left with the responsibility of repacking and shipping the cargo.’
      • ‘He emptied the basket, removed two tins of plum tomatoes, put them on the floor and repacked.’
      • ‘The trailers and containers are called intermodal freight because they go from ship to rail to truck without having to be repacked.’
      • ‘After use and evacuation, soldiers could repack the hose by reversing the procedure.’
      • ‘We had to rent two mini-vans, unpack the RV, pack the vans, drive to Albuquerque and then repack a replacement RV that lasted the remainder of the trip.’



/rēˈpak/ /riˈpæk/