Definition of reparable in English:



  • (especially of an injury or loss) possible to rectify or repair.

    • ‘The pilot for CAV-XML offered actual flow days computed on each depot-level reparable being repaired, from the day it was received at the contractor to the day it was shipped.’
    • ‘The time it takes a depot or contractor to repair and return a reparable item to serviceable condition is rather long.’
    • ‘Examples are all too common in which relatively inexpensive consumable parts hold up the repair of an expensive reparable part.’
    • ‘The loss of a reparable asset out of the base-level maintenance system was unacceptable.’
    • ‘This concept allows certain reparable items to flow back to a single repair facility in theater and eliminates duplicated repair efforts at multiple bases.’
    • ‘Well, everything is reparable but I do think we've been on the verge of being somewhat naive about the former Soviet Union and its leadership.’
    • ‘Showed that actual performance of reparable spares at the air logistics centers is much worse than planned performance because of understating cycle times for spares during planning processes.’
    • ‘Indeed, Wallace, Kem, and Nelson's 1999 analysis suggested that 80 percent of working capital fund costs are fixed with respect to the amount of depot-level reparable sales.’
    • ‘Colt was developed using the same mathematical logic as the AAM and Aircraft Sustainability Model used in reparable inventory management.’
    • ‘Lichtenstein's 30-foot-high, stainless-steel statue was spared, as was a bronze sphere by Fritz Koenig, both sustaining reparable damage.’
    • ‘While not all reparable shipments need to be moved via premium transportation, the lack of asset visibility and knowledge of a real-time asset position require they be moved via premium transportation.’
    • ‘All else being equal, the purchase of consumables should have been slightly more effective than reparable purchasing since they are simpler components bought in significantly larger volumes.’
    • ‘Even though she hadn't been able to fly for the past week while the DA - 001 was being repaired, she'd been kept busy nonetheless; she was only glad that it was reparable.’
    • ‘The system collects a wide variety of quarterly data from different systems pertaining to reparable items such as failures, lead times, base and depot repair times, and excess inventory.’
    • ‘D041 is a management information system used by the Air Force to compute worldwide requirements and inventory levels for reparable items.’
    • ‘While the Siqueiros work is now buried beneath layers of overpainting, Tourje and his team are confident that the mural is reparable.’
    • ‘While deployed, the RSP stockage effectiveness for reparable items was 98.4 percent.’
    • ‘From your description, this chimney is probably not reparable anyway.’
    • ‘Of course, some costs to the environment, such as species extinction, are not reparable at any price.’
    • ‘Cotton is easily reparable as the damaged appearance can be reduced to a minimum.’
    rectifiable, remediable, able to be put right, able to be set right, curable, restorable, recoverable, retrievable, salvageable
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Late 16th century from French réparable, from Latin reparabilis, from reparare ‘make ready again’ (see repair).