Definition of reparative therapy in English:

reparative therapy


  • Psychotherapy aimed at changing a person's homosexuality and based on the view that homosexuality is a mental disorder.

    ‘Catholic psychologist Joesph Nicolosi, known for so-called reparative therapy for homosexuality, supplies a clinical foreword.’
    • ‘Kauth's discussion of Joseph Nicolosi's reparative therapy erroneously implies that it is based on principles of conditioning.’
    • ‘If the literature of reparative therapy teaches anything, it is how deep homosexuality runs in a person's identity, and how enormously difficult it is to alter.’
    • ‘When his boyfriend's mother found out about the relationship and pulled her son out of school, Adams tried reparative therapy and counseling - again to no avail.’
    • ‘Yet, they endorse Throckmorton and by extension reparative therapy, a practice that holds that homosexuals are sick and need to be fixed.’
    • ‘Going straight is a fascinating Guardian article about reparative therapy used to ‘cure’ homosexuality and the ex-gay movement in America.’
    • ‘In October it became known that they had given $8 million to a school which promotes reparative therapy to ‘cure’ gays.’
    • ‘Wayne Besen's acclaimed and engaging work debunks ‘ex-gay’ myths, including reparative therapy and the political movement built on supposed ex-gay ‘success’ stories.’
    • ‘Family Fundamentals illustrates this divide with a segment on Kathleen, who is active in the reparative therapy movement.’
    • ‘When it came to so-called reparative therapy, I was helping Laura with an article for her newsletter that exposed this ‘cure for homosexuality’ as the nonsense that it is.’
    • ‘He wasn't queer because same-sex love was honorable in his time but because he suffered from mother horror and father fixation - a good candidate for reparative therapy.’
    • ‘This fall, Love Won Out, a one-day conference on reparative therapy sponsored by Focus on the Family, will set up shop in Boston at the Tremont Temple Baptist Church.’
    • ‘‘There are lots of reparative therapy groups here,’ Taylor said.’
    • ‘It is true that reparative therapy groups claim people are cured: They stay married or get married, become celibate, and all repress their feelings.’
    • ‘Guess which highly respected professional health organizations in the United States think the whole reparative therapy movement is a dangerous lie?’
    • ‘‘It would seem that reparative therapy is sometimes successful,’ he says.’
    • ‘Despite the lingering problem of reparative therapy, activists say the the group's move remains a real victory.’
    • ‘On the subject of reparative therapy, do you think any gay people would want to be straight if there weren't an antigay climate in this country?’
    • ‘I'll see if I can dig out the results on ‘ex-gay’ so-called reparative therapy.’