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  • A meal.

    ‘a sumptuous repast’
    • ‘If you're interested in ham hocks, cornbread, southern funeral repasts, and the history of soul food, she's the expert.’
    • ‘Interred in these lengthy repasts, I develop a mad envy of the people at other tables whom I see leaving as the evening goes on.’
    • ‘Divided by season, the book includes recipes from 20 of the California Bay Area's best chefs who use local, seasonal ingredients for their tasty repasts.’
    • ‘This is not haute cuisine, this is very filling home made Italian repasts.’
    • ‘Meads defines the term banquet precisely, pointing out that a banquet served as a light repast or perhaps the final course of a feast rather than a feast in itself.’
    • ‘Anu Lakhan knows all too well what happens in the kitchen to make these repasts possible.’
    • ‘Bringing with them memories of repasts past, they have been welcomed with nostalgia by people who can remember the times when the two countries were one.’
    • ‘The years 1925 and '26 found him in Vence and Aix-en-Provence, painting still lilts that celebrate simple rural repasts in a quasi-naive manner.’
    • ‘He meant that the meal should be composed of small, piecemeal, disposable items, which one could consume and move on, in favour of those large repasts which arrested the passage of time and movement.’
    • ‘Before I allow you to start your repast, however, there is one more thing that I would like to say, or rather, do.’
    • ‘The tea was excellent, with a light mint flavor; and the scones tasted wonderful as well, peppered with raisins and full of butter, a perfect repast for the relaxing traveller.’
    • ‘‘Sir, I should leave you to your repast,’ I murmured as humbly as possible.’
    • ‘Others show a pair of young men, their faces weirdly painted, toying with liquid-filled beakers and sitting down to a repast of blue-painted goose.’
    • ‘It was grander than anything I had ever seen, and still it was only a repast of moderate splendor, for a mere young lord and his friends.’
    • ‘Combined with a glass of wine, sweet and vulgar in taste to any connoisseurs, such made for a perfect repast in the quiet of his home.’
    • ‘During that morning's repast I discussed with him Mexican food for an article I was in the process of writing.’
    meal, feast, banquet
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/rəˈpast/ /rəˈpæst/


Late Middle English from Old French, based on late Latin repascere, from re- (expressing intensive force) + pascere ‘to feed’.