Definition of repeatable in English:



  • 1Able to be done again.

    ‘repeatable experiments under laboratory conditions’
    • ‘an easily repeatable routine’
    • ‘There are numerous examples of companies implementing defined, repeatable processes throughout the enterprise.’
    • ‘He quickly established an accessible, repeatable operatic formula, combining situation comedy plots with the frequent arias demanded by his audiences.’
    • ‘The theory was built on share price data that suggested the existence of long-term repeatable patterns.’
    • ‘We do not need or desire souvenirs from events that are repeatable.’
    • ‘Three algorithms have emerged thus far for automated and repeatable testing.’
    • ‘Each process occurs at a characteristic temperature and time-scale and is, therefore, very repeatable.’
    • ‘The key is making sure the tasks being outsourced are transferable and easily repeatable.’
    • ‘The picture will be remembered as a milestone in filmmaking; not repeatable, but a milestone nonetheless.’
    • ‘The experience is soon over and is not easily repeatable.’
    • ‘The color characteristic is sometimes not repeatable by a single manufacturer from lot to lot.’
    1. 1.1Suitable to be said again.
      ‘some of the words he's known to use are not repeatable on TV’
      • ‘The event is made of words, clear and repeatable.’
      • ‘Some of the language used was not repeatable.’
      • ‘His thoughts at the finish were probably not repeatable.’
      • ‘She told stories about her dad, which are not repeatable, actually, in front of this audience, I'm afraid.’
      • ‘The solution they chose is not repeatable in a family blog, but the ending is also hilarious.’
      • ‘I sighed and thought a few other things too, but they're not repeatable here.’
      • ‘The absolute top moment of the game, however, was when someone realised she had a four-letter noun available, normally not repeatable in polite company.’
      • ‘Some of the words he's known to use are not repeatable on TV.’
      • ‘He screamed, he shouted, complaining about the players("bloody, bloody, bloody useless" was about the most repeatable description).’
      • ‘"Disgraceful" and "shocking" were two of the repeatable words used as fans screamed abuse at the referee.’



/rəˈpēdəb(ə)l/ /rəˈpidəb(ə)l/