Definition of repetitively in English:



See repetitive

‘It looks as though he's strumming without a pick, and part of the pleasure of watching him slam his hand repetitively against the strings is wondering how it's possible that he hasn't cut his whole forearm to shreds.’
  • ‘The house had echoed with noise, with children crying, with people walking in the corridors outside, with murmurs and tremors, with the creak of the bunk beds, and the neon lights had been turned off and on repetitively.’
  • ‘Each argument is put lucidly though sometimes repetitively.’
  • ‘A monitor beside a bed next to hers was beeping repetitively.’
  • ‘Katrina slammed her fists repetitively against the wooden lid.’



/rəˈpedədəvlē/ /rəˈpɛdədəvli/